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10 Tips for Choosing Beautiful Mother of the Bride and Groom Outfits

Mother Is Helping With A Bow Tie To Her Son Before Wedding Ceremony. Concept Mother And Son.

10 Tips for Choosing Beautiful Mother of the Bride and Groom Outfits

The most crucial event in a woman’s life is said to be her wedding. It’s a time for her to finally get that dream wedding to happen, from the venue, décor, and of course, her wedding dress.  

Let’s be real for a second, a lot of fuss and stress and importance is put into a wedding dress so it can be perfect. The fit, detailing, and accessories all have to be flawless. But that isn’t even half of the stressful process of wedding planning.  

As gorgeous as the actual wedding and reception are, there are tons of blood, sweat, and tears behind it. Another vital task is to choose the outfits for the mothers of the bride and groom.  

There are several reasons why this can be such a daunting task. For one, you have to make everyone happy with the outfit choice, and as you know, satisfying every person is going to be next to impossible. But thankfully, in this case, you’ll only have to accommodate those who matter in the wedding, and that’s the bride, groom, and their mothers.  

Are you already feeling jittery about picking an outfit? You don’t have to be, because we have some inside information that could help you out.  

Here are some tips for choosing a gorgeous outfit for the mothers of the bride and groom: 

Communication is key 

This first fashion advice is probably something you wouldn’t expect. But considering how important this is for the bride and groom, asking for their input on their mothers’ outfits will be necessary.  

Talking to the moms about the bride and groom’s wishes will make it easier to narrow down the right outfits.  

Elegance endures 

Being at a certain age, mothers of the bride and groom have to wear something appropriate, but they don’t have to look drab and dreary! It’s a big day for them, too. So, the perfect outfit should be elegant. 

Even as wedding fashion fads come and go, sophisticated style will live on eternally. Collections like Cabotine & Zelia Outfits are excellent examples of how elegance endures even after years have passed. 

Remember, tons of photos will be taken. Picking a gorgeous and sophisticated outfit that will be stylish no matter what age will save you the embarrassment in the future. You wouldn’t want to go through those photos in the future and think to yourself, “What was I thinking?”  

Mother Is Helping With A Bow Tie To Her Son Before Wedding Ceremony. Concept Mother And Son.

Sticking to the theme 

The wedding theme is going to be something worth considering. Following the theme is a great way to show unity and support for the couple to be wed. Plus, it also just ties everything together very prettily.   

Going against the theme will make the bride and groom’s mothers stick out like sore thumbs. And that isn’t a good thing as they might feel entirely out of place and awkward! Plus, upstaging the bride on their wedding day is just a big no-no.  

Here’s a situation, a rustic-themed wedding might be what the bride and groom want. It’s organic, warm, and it’s just reminiscent of the country life. Dressing the mothers in Hollywood glam might be great for the red carpet, but they’ll look utterly awkward in a rustic wedding.  

Base it on the color scheme 

Many weddings rely on a color scheme for choosing their attire. Perhaps the couple chose hues or peach, or warm earthy tones. Paying attention to these cues will make it easier to choose outfits for the moms of the couple.  

While the moms might think that specific colors might not suit them, picking from different hues of that color is a great tip. For instance, some yellows come in warmer tones, while other yellows are cooler.  

Follow the venue 

The venue of the wedding is another crucial consideration as some styles and cuts won’t be appropriate. For instance, a more revealing dress probably won’t be suitable for a church wedding. On the other hand, choosing a heavy gown will be downright uncomfortable and unsuitable for a beach wedding.  

Consider comfort 

Now some moms might not want to wear individual styles of dresses. It’s essential to consider the kinds of cuts they’re comfortable wearing. Perhaps, they don’t want to wear something too short or too long. As much as you want to pick a chic outfit, you’ll have to make sure that it’s comfortable for the woman who’ll be putting it on. If they don’t feel confident in it, it’s a no go.  

Mother Of The Bride Adjusts Veil

Mother of the bride adjusts her daughter’s veil on her wedding day. Beautiful, African American women, smiling while getting the daughter ready for her wedding.

Day or night? 

This ties in with comfort as well as the venue. Dressing them up based on the time the wedding will be is also necessary as it affects the wearer’s comfort. For a day wedding, a lighter material with a more casual-formal design will be the right choice, but for a night-time event, glamming it up a bit more is the way to go.  

Body type 

Women, no matter what age they are, come in different shapes and sizes. Individual styles might be great on the mannequin, but it might look completely different when put on. Whether the bride and groom’s mothers are plus-sized, petite, or pear-shaped, you’ll need to keep an eye on what the outfit does to their shape.  

Pants or dress? 

Gone are the days when formal events immediately meant wearing a gown for women. It’s acceptable to wear pants or pantsuits so long as it meets all the other criteria considered in the wedding.  

If you love to wear pants for formal events, you know that there are all sorts of designs and materials that are gorgeous.  

Personal style! 

You’re dressing women who might have a style of their own. They might be fashionistas and know precisely what kinds of dresses and shades would look best on them. Instead of taking the lead, asking them for their input will make a huge difference. Maybe you’ll even pick up some tips along the way! 


Picking out perfect clothes for every day can already be a challenge. So, the weight of picking out an elegant outfit for the mothers of the bride and groom can feel monumental. But if you consider all the tips we have for you, the job isn’t as daunting as you think! 


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