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22 Tips to have an epic and fun wedding

22 Tips to have an epic and fun wedding

As a professional wedding photographer, Picture Perfect Photography has attended well over 300 weddings across 3 continents. Wedding photographers, generally, have so much experience not only photographing weddings but also observing how wedding events go! They are usually constantly on the lookout during wedding events and are very aware of what’s going on. Photographers capture memories and they want it to come naturally and not look like everyone is forced to have fun for the sake of photos. That’s why they have advice and tips for couples when it comes to having a fun wedding!

Trust your photographers especially if they already have years of experience on them! They are the ones that often know how to make your wedding more fun. With their help, we have put together these 22 tips to help you to have a super fun and epic wedding.

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Don’t stress when planning your wedding

Yes, planning a wedding can be overwhelming and frustrating, but do not let the stress get to you!

You would want to look back on your wedding planning journey with a smile on your face. Not a panic attack!

If you are not confident in planning your wedding by yourself it’s best to let the professional take care of it.

Trust in professional wedding vendors

When you hire wedding vendors, please trust in them. Especially wedding reputable and professional wedding vendors.

Work with them and help each other so that you will come up with the wedding of your dreams.

If they give you advise make sure to listen with an open mind. They have years of experience being wedding vendors, for sure they know what they are talking about.

Plus, when you have trust in your wedding vendors you’ll build a relationship out of it and would make your wedding smooth sailing!

Don’t run around and do everything by yourself

I know there are awesome DIY brides out there and if you are one of them, KUDOS to you!

Planning and coordinating a wedding is not an easy task. It can take up so much of your time and sometimes could burn you out.

Never hesitate to ask for help!

You can talk to your partner about it and you can even count on your maid of honor and bridesmaid. They are the awesome people you for sure can trust and rely on.

Also, remember that when you do things all by yourself, you will mostly likely forget a lot of things rather than get things done. Very counterproductive!

Hire a wedding videographer

Having photos of your wedding day is something every bride and groom should invest in!

But did you know that hiring a videographer is also great? Imagine sitting down with your future kids watching your wedding on the television and them seeing how happy you are and the people at your wedding.

It is something to reminisce looking at still pictures but it’s one thing to actually see moments of your wedding in motion!

If you can, hire a videographer! If you don’t have a budget, well at least have someone record clips on a camcorder. It will be worth it!

Take advantage of the golden hour

For those who don’t know, a golden hour is the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset.

Make sure to maximise this and take as many stunning photos as you can!

When it comes to photography LIGHTING is everything and the golden hour has the most magnificent hues.

With the gold color light from the sun and the soft and magical effect from the clouds slightly covering the sun (nature’s softbox!).
Guaranteed that you’ll have an ethereal and whimsical photo that will give you goosebumps!

Avoid the infamous photo shots list

This is something professional photographers strongly discourage.

When you hire a photographer, you already know and trust the value they offer.

TRUST your photographer. From photographing countless weddings, they already know what to photograph. Especially the most significant ones!

Get the family and group photos out of the way first

Before you run off and party, make sure to get a photo with the complete family portrait including kids while everyone’s sober!

For this one you need to have a list of the family members you want in your photos and have your wedding coordinator arrange and follow up these people so the photographer won’t have to run around and look for them.

Group photos are great but very time consuming if not organized well.

So be prepared. You can even brief people so they will consciously come to you, it will save you so much time!

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Make sure you invest in a high quality PA system

A faulty system can break any momentum of any wedding!

Everyone at your wedding is there to witness and listen to your vows and all the beautiful messages from your loved ones.

Make sure that they will hear you loud and clear with a high quality PA system. Usually wedding venues include PA systems with the rental rate some don’t.

Be sure to test the PA system before the wedding starts to avoid technical errors!

Just be yourselves

Photographers dislike it when couples try to act differently just to look a certain way in photos!

This will leave guests and couples feel forced instead of just being themselves and having fun.

Don’t even think that there’s a photographer around. Let them take candid photos! If they want to take directed shots they will definitely tell you.

But just be your awesome selves!

If you have enough time for speeches do them???

When renting a wedding venue you are usually on a time crunch. So if you have the time make sure that your friends and loved ones can talk on your wedding day!

It’s always nice to hear how other people see your relationship and tell your beautiful love story on your wedding day.

You can coordinate with your event planner and set how many speeches can be done in a given time!

If you have enough time left, you can even do an open floor for those who want to wish you all the best on the spot.

You can never have enough food and booze

Imagine the horror if you ran out of food and drinks to serve on your wedding day and some people are left hungry and thirsty.

Remember when people are hungry, they tend to be grumpy!

There have been weddings that the catering ran out of food and guests had to share portions. Although it’s a fun story to tell, if you can avoid it then please avoid it!

It’s better to be over prepared so everyone will have a good time.

Let the kids have fun and run around

For weddings that allow kids, it is expected that they would run around and have fun!

Usually if you tell a child to stop having fun and run around they might burst into tears and throw a tantrum.

They could bring so much fun and joy as well as entertain you if you let them!

What you can do is prepare fun games for kids and keep them entertained! After all, it’s a celebration! It’s all about having fun and making memories.

Wedding run sheets are guides not drill timetable

Having a run sheet for your wedding is important to keep track of the program and flow!

However, there is bound to be a mishap. Your flower girl might run off, you, the bride, might get caught in traffic, or something else that would delay your timetable.

Do not be a drill sergeant, relax and calm down. It’s your wedding day, smile, think and ask how you can resolve an issue.

Communication is key.

Wedding favors aren’t necessary and time consuming

Honestly, wedding favors have become unnecessary as the years go by.

Don’t get this wrong, wedding favors are a cool added factor to give your guests for celebrating your wedding day, but it’s not really something important.

If you really do want to give out tokens of thanks to your guests you can opt for unique, simple, and mostly, useful wedding favors!

You can choose to hand out coffee jars that have “let love brew” as a label, printed out wedding photobooth photos, or monogrammed candles.

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Provide sunscreen and insect repellent

This is something important to do especially if you are planning on an outdoor wedding!

Most of the time your guests will forget to pack or bring sunscreen and insect repellents, so it would be great if you can prepare this for them!

Your guests will appreciate this small gesture. They will surely know that you are thinking about them.

Here’s a tip: If you can’t think of a good wedding favour, you can give out sunscreen and insect repellents with personalised labels!

Mingle with your guest after your wedding ceremony

Wedding photographers like photographing moments you will cherish after your wedding day.

Having photos with you mingling with your guests is surely one of the moments you would want to look back on.

Chances are that’s the first time you’ll get to say hi to your guests. It can be a beautiful catching up session!

Whatever the weather it will all come together

Rain or shine it will be fine! It’s funny how most couples are so afraid that it will rain on their wedding day.

Photographers depend on light and shine most of the time, but the rain is beautiful, soft, calming and romantic.

Some venues do have weatherproof venues just in case it would rain on your outdoor wedding.

This is something you should also consider when planning a wedding. Check weather forecasts and always be prepared for when it rains!

Again, don’t be sad about it. Make the most out of every moment and make it work!

Your wedding dress will get dirty and that is okay

This goes to all brides especially those who plan on an outdoor wedding.

Chances are your dress is gonna get dirty. It could be because of the dirt when you walk and dance around or you could spill wine or drop food and crumbs on your beautiful dress.

But, you know what? That’s fine. It’s not the end of the world! There are a lot of awesome dry cleaners out there that offer clean ups for delicate wedding dresses.

There are even awesome photographs of brides getting their wedding dresses dirty because they just ran around in the rain and had fun on their wedding day!

Don’t let this restrict your celebration!

Make memories with the people at your wedding

On your wedding day, you are allowed to shut off other things. It’s the time you can enjoy having fun and celebrate with the people around you and your husband.

Don’t go running off to take care of the food, the venue, or whatever issue arises when you can have someone else take care of that.

Be present with your loved ones and friends. You wouldn’t want regret missing a moment because you were busy with non-wedding related things.

Get Sparklers and other cool props

Sparklers are great especially if you have a night time wedding celebration!

It would look cool in photographs. If you have the budget, fireworks can be an awesome background for wedding photos.

Although low light photos are hard to shoot, if your wedding photographer is great at what he does then you’ll get an epic shot!

Other fun props you can use are big lawn games, party poppers, neon phrase signs, swings, flower walls, and so much more!

Break the rules if you need to

After all of these tips there is something you should remember, it is YOUR wedding day!

Every wedding is different and do whatever you think works for you. You don’t have to follow a set of rules.

Sometimes something really fun and awesome comes out of breaking rules.

Final Words

There you have it, 21 tips on how to make your wedding more fun according to a wedding photographer!

You just have to think about your wedding day as a celebration and not an obligation. Because if you do, it will suddenly become a chore and you won’t have much fun.

And trust us it will show up in the photos! Now you don’t want that, do you?

Let us know in the comments below if you anymore tips on how to have fun at weddings!

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