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4 Things To Consider When Creating Your Wedding Bouquet

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4 Things To Consider When Creating Your Wedding Bouquet

Kiwi weddings are known to embody multiculturalism, with wedding couples and guests of diverse cultural backgrounds, unique personalities, and preferences. As much as possible, you want to create a distinct theme for your wedding, from your gown design to your entourage to your wedding flowers. Your wedding bouquet is a beautiful representation of your love and devotion to your spouse-to-be. There are many flower options available, homegrown or imported. All you need is to set a time to create your wedding bouquet close to your wedding date to ensure it’s fresh on the big day. If you don’t have time to create your wedding bouquet, you could still choose fresh and professionally arranged flowers from a reputable bouquet delivery company, such as Ranunculus Bouquet Delivery and similar companies. But what are the important things you need to consider when creating your wedding bouquet? Find out the answer to this common wedding preparation question below.

Wedding Date

When choosing flowers for your wedding, consider your wedding date. The availability of flowers you prefer for your wedding highly depends on when your wedding will take place. You could avoid stress and hassle by picking flowers that are in season. In-season flowers are easy to find and cost less than out-of-season and imported flowers. However, if you’re into a particular type of flower, you might need to adjust your wedding date or source it abroad. Of course, this option will cost you more, and there’s a possibility of receiving not-so-fresh flowers from the box.

Here’s a sample list of flowers available in New Zealand in specific wedding months:

  • January: Belladonna, anthuriums, calla lily, chrysanthemum, marigold, Queen Anne’s lace, sunflower, and zinnia
  • April: Amaranthus, belladonna, bells of Ireland, calla lily, carnations, chrysanthemums, erica, gerbera, orchids, and rose
  • August: Daffodil, caspia, euphorbia, hyacinths, iris, ivy, protea, snapdragon, stock, sunflower, and tulip
  • December: Lily, ivy, anthuriums, birds of paradise, calla lily, carnations, freesia, gardenia, and hydrangea.

Wedding Bouquet Style

Wedding bouquet styles have their own artistic qualities. It would depend on your creativity, taste, and time allotment for creating your wedding bouquet. Here are the most common styles of wedding bouquet:

  • Round wedding bouquets: For traditional or formal modern weddings, round bouquets with round blossoms are commonly used.
  • Biedermeier bouquets: They’re round, consisting of a tight bunch of evenly cut flowers, such as dahlias and orchids, tied by a wire or fabric wrap, perfect for a creative wedding. Biedermeier flower style usually needs some degree of professional touch. You need to align the flowers around each other in concentric circles, forming a striped effect on your wedding bouquet.
  • Nosegay: This elegant wedding bouquet style is popular and traditional, in which a tight bunch of flowers in uniform cut is tied by a wire or fabric. Nosegay wedding bouquet arrangements are suitable for a small indoor wedding, highly focused on the day’s romantic event.
  • Cascade bouquets: This fun, modern, and elegant wedding bouquet arrangement is a waterfall of flowers using your desired blossoms and greenery. It’s meant to drop down in front of your hand or hang. Also, cascade bouquets create a beautiful tapering effect with a teardrop shape or rounded top and a pointed bottom.
  • Hand-tied bouquets: A do-it-yourself (DIY) wedding bouquet for beginners is hand-tied. This wedding bouquet style consists of a cluster of flowers with loose stems and tied with a ribbon, bringing a casual look.

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Your Wedding Budget

Wedding costs vary depending on the location. A backyard or outdoor venue is generally cheaper than renting a restaurant or hotel venue. The venue, rentals, catering services, photographer, deejay, accommodation, attire, and flowers are just some of the things you need to consider when creating a budget.

A typical New Zealand wedding costs approximately NZD$30,000, including the flowers and decors, which would probably cost around NZD$600. So how much can you set aside for your wedding bouquet? A reasonable amount would be between NZD$80 and NZD$120. With this budget, you could buy gorgeous flowers, ribbons, wire or fabric wrap, creative wraps, and other things you need to make a DIY wedding bouquet.

Your Personal Preference

Whether you’re planning a classic traditional, backyard, or summer wedding, your personal preference greatly matters. While you have browsed wedding magazines, seen photos, and watched wedding videos of your friends and family, it’s best if you choose the flowers and arrangement you love for your wedding bouquet. Consider adding your favorite flower with other beautiful wedding flowers for a unique look.


You could create your perfect wedding bouquet by choosing in-season flowers for a fresh and beautiful piece you’d carry down the aisle. It’s important to consider your personal preference and your budget too when creating a beautiful wedding bouquet for your utmost satisfaction. Regardless of the style of wedding bouquet you choose, the most important thing is you’re happy with the result.


Karen Williams

Karen Williams is an event organizer. She is very particular with selection of fresh flowers for any celebration, especially weddings. She has a background as a florist. Karen enjoys gardening during her free time. Also, she loves photography and painting.

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