5 Tips to Help You in Honeymoon Planning


Honeymoon is ever couple’s sweet relief after months – or even years of planning their dream wedding. This is where you and your new spouse enjoy a relaxing vacation and spend amazing quality time together. However, just like wedding planning, you have to keep a number of things in mind when doing some honeymoon planning. Check out these 5 tips to help you and your partner in honeymoon planning.


Plan the honeymoon together

You and your partner may share a lot of things, but your holiday destination preferences may not be among them. Your partner may love the outdoors and do activities and you prefer all room service and disconnect from everything. So it is important to discuss this together before deciding where to go for your honeymoon.



Always Check For Reviews

All the photos on their website may be dreamy and perfect for your idea of honeymoon. But keep in mind that the photos may have been taken a few years back. Always check for reviews from couples who have been in the location recently. Check for more recent photos and the experience of couples who had their honeymoon there. There are a lot of deceitful promotional images around the internet. Don’t fall and be a victim.



Wait for at least 24 to 48 hours Before Leaving for your Honeymoon

The moment your final wedding guests leave the reception, it is traditionally the start of your honeymoon. But to avoid adding more stress of having to beat time to go to the airport and meet other travel deadlines, experts say, wait at least a day or two.


Always Ask for Honeymoon Specials

Hearing couples getting upgrades with their honeymoon suites or getting extra massages or other services because it was their honeymoon? All you need to do is ask! When booking for your honeymoon, always ask the booking agent if they have honeymoon specials. You will be surprised with a number of upgrades they are willing to give honeymooners like you.


Always Check the Weather

As your honeymoon arrives, always check the weather if your destination is having any weather disturbances, or will it be sunny or a little cold. This will help you prepare the things you need to bring. In addition, checking the weather will help you whether you have to make necessary adjustments or special requests on your destination.


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Do you have other tips that will help other MKW brides on honeymoon planning? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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