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5 Unique Ways To Personalise Your Wedding Reception

5 Unique Ways To Personalise Your Wedding Reception

Booking a venue reception might help put you at peace as you have fewer things to worry about. While securing a place is one thing, styling your venue is another. While you can always go for the standard decoration that a venue of your stylist can offer you, it would be better if you could personalise it. 

If you still haven’t, it’ll only be ideal if you could book for your wedding venue immediately. You’d be surprised how long you need to wait to get married in the place of your dreams. You can look for the best Auckland wedding venues or whichever area you wish to get married in. The priority is to book one right away so you can proceed with planning and decorating.  

Moreover, listed below are the unique ways you can personalise your wedding reception.

bride and groom with guests at wedding reception outside in the backyard.

Wedding reception outside in the backyard. Bride and groom with family and guests sitting around the table, having fun.

Include Your Favorites As Decorations 

As a couple, you probably have a favourite thing that you both share. It may be your love for chocolate, travelling, photography, or sports, among many other things. To make your guests feel that they’re in your world as a couple, you should consider adding decorations that have a hint of your favourites.  

You can spread out small pieces of decorations around the entire venue or even choose to add them to your centerpieces. This way, your guests can immediately see them and identify what you both love doing together. These can be a great conversation starter, allowing people to get to know you more.  

Serve Special Foods 

There has to be something you’d want to eat at your wedding. No matter how crazy and unique it is, adding that one will help to personalise your wedding reception.  

As your guests head to your venue for cocktail hours and reception, you should offer them foods that people know you love. If you’ve always been a pizza fan, there’s nothing better than eating a good slice of pizza at the venue. While it might not be an ideal food to serve, it’ll surely bring smiles to your guest’s faces, especially if they know that you’re the one who wants that to happen.  

When serving special cocktail foods, try to keep them light and small. You don’t want to make your guests extremely full, not giving enough space for the full course meal. Ideally, they should only be snacks that they can munch on while waiting for the party to start. You can choose to add a food truck or a grazing table for a romantic finish. 

wedding table setting

wedding table setting in green vintage style

Perform At Your Wedding 

If you and your partner can sing or dance, or even both, you should consider performing at your wedding. This way, you can entertain your guests and allow both of you to increase the romantic ambience inside the room. Moreover, rehearsing with your partner could be such a fun part of the wedding preparation!

When you decide to perform at your wedding, ensure that you bring everything you need with you. Apart from bringing your A-game, you shouldn’t forget to carry a copy of the music with you. You should also inform your host about your plan for performing. 

Write Thank You Notes Ahead 

Once your guests are at the wedding reception, they’d probably want to look for their seats immediately so they’ll know where they’ll go back after they mingle. Also, it would be great if you’ll place thank you notes on the tables, saying how much you appreciate their presence on your wedding day.  

To make your thank you notes more personal, you could write them individually and avoid writing the same note over and over again, just changing their names. While it could mean additional work, it’s a gesture that your guests would surely appreciate. Not only will you make them feel special, but it’s something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

 Add A Memory Lane  

As you and your partner are getting married, you may want to share the adventures you both had over the time you’re together. While you can always create a video clip that displays both of you as a couple, it would be great if you could decorate your venue with a memory lane that your guests can see for themselves.  

Ideally, you should add almost every photo you share together from your first date down to your proposal. You can also include memorable items you keep in a box and allow the world to see them. You can choose to place them along the hallways, imitating a museum, or surround your venue with these memorable whatnots. For a more organised look, you can create a spot and include a signboard that indicates what the corner is about.  


The wedding reception is a place where everyone can have fun and enjoy the party. With that, you may want to personalise it as much as possible. This way, it won’t be just another reception; it could be an event that can highlight you as a couple.


Adelaide Summers

Adelaide Summers is a wedding coordinator. She has been in the industry for many years. During her free time, she writes guest posts online to share her expertise in wedding and other event planning matters. Adelaide is married with two children. She loves gardening, cooking, and reading books.


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