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5 Wedding Ideas Suited To the Kiwi Climate

beautiful view of a wedding church near the lake tekapo in new zealand

5 Wedding Ideas Suited To the Kiwi Climate

There’s a lot to think about and plan to transform one day into a perfect one to say ‘I Do’. You’ll need to pick a theme for your wedding to guide your wedding plans. Besides, you’ll need to consider the number of guests, the location for the ceremony and reception, the food you’ll be serving, decorations, and even your wedding invitations. But before you reach for a pen and paper to list down anything and everything you want for your wedding—you’ll need to consider what the climate is like when you want to celebrate your union especially in New Zealand.

The sea and mountains influence Kiwi climate. It’s characterized by mild temperatures, moderate rainfall, and 2000 hours rays of sunshine every year. It’s considered Great Britain’s southern equivalent with its oceanic climate but with its share of peculiarities.

Although rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year, it occurs in reverse—the North Island gets more rain in winter while the South Island gets its share in the summer. Sunshine is a good 83 days on average, but you can get easily sunburned from UV rays even on cloudy days. It’s also helpful to always have an umbrella handy, as locals would attest that changes of weather can happen in New Zealand quickly from being sunny one minute and rainy the next. Thanks to these oddities, there’s truth in saying that in just a day you can experience four seasons no matter where you’re in New Zealand.
And since you wouldn’t want nature to rain your parade, it’s helpful to consider Kiwi climate when planning for the big day. Below, we have thoughtful wedding ideas to keep you and your guests covered come sun, rain, or snow to make yours an unforgettable wedding.

Kiwi Climate Wedding Ideas

beautiful view of a wedding church near the lake tekapo in new zealand

A beautiful view of a wedding church near the Lake Tekapo in New Zealand

Choose Shady Venues

Your wedding venue is an essential element to making your big day unforgettable. Beside from serving as the backdrop of your solemn vows, venues can also double as reception areas to create wonderful experiences for you and your guests.

When selecting a venue, it’s helpful to consider the oddities of Kiwi climate and have a backup plan just in case. While creative decorations can mimic the outdoors in an indoor setting, you’ll need to have something planned or installed if the sun gets too hot or a rain shower comes along. You can set up your ceremony under the shade of garden trees or have a tented reception so a bit of drizzle won’t dampen the mood and keep spirits up for the rest of the celebration.

Pick A Stunning Dress and Matching Shoes

Kiwi temperatures are moderate all year round. Kiwi summer’s highest is 25° C (77 °F) and a cool 12°C (53°F) as winter’s lowest in areas close to the coast. You can choose from various styles such as vintage boho chic, romantic, or simply elegant. Find matching shoes online like the one from Ara footwear to give you a stunning ensemble as you walk down the aisle or dance the night away.

wedding couple just married, get marriage in new zealand

Wedding couple just married near the mountain in New Zealand. Couple get marriage

Select Bridesmaids’ Dresses and Then Some More

When you’re done choosing a Kiwi-climate-inspired gown, you can move on to dress your bridesmaids in matching dresses with the color of your choice. Take inspiration from recent style trends in Australia, such as puffed sleeves and warm earth tones—reds, browns, or mustards. You can also keep them comfortable with pashminas or scarfs in bold patterns when it gets chilly in your mountain or seaside venue.

Craft Kiwi-Climate Welcome Bags

Welcome bags keep guests comfortable to witness your heartfelt vows and stay until the end of the ceremony. Create wiki-climate gift bags complete with sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen to keep them away from sunburn during an outdoor wedding. Add in a bottle of water to keep them hydrated or some in-season fruits as refreshing treats. You can even include a foldable umbrella for sudden downpours.

Plan Seating with The Weather in Mind

Seating plays an integral part in the ceremony and the after-dinner party. When both call for an outdoor setting, you can feature love seats, lounge chairs, and even picnic mats or hay couches, depending on your wedding venue and theme. Guests get comfier when you add in cozy pillows or snuggly blankets in case the evening gets chilly.

katie queenstown wedding 0033

Final Words

The wedding planning stage allows you to give Kiwi climate special consideration to make your wedding a memorable affair for you and your guests. From choosing venues, bridesmaid dresses to welcome gift bags and seating arrangements. They serve as thoughtful expressions for your guests’ comfort and convenience throughout the ceremony till late evening. They help you prepare in case Kiwi climate lets you experience four seasons during your wedding day.

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