7 Ingenious Tips on Cutting Your Wedding Costs


Planning a wedding can be expensive. An average wedding in New Zealand costs +$30,000. It is important to sit down and think about the things that matter to you and your partner and prioritize your spendings. These include how you want your wedding day to be, how many people are you going to invite, the vendors you’d get and all the other little details that will make up your special day. But that doesn’t stop there; you and your partner have to prepare for your first year of married life. Do you think you’d buy a home or start a family right away? Or jump start a honeymoon that will last for a couple of months?

So why not have the best of both worlds? You say it is impossible, we say, it is NOT! Here’s a list of ways you cut wedding costs without compromising the quality of the wedding of your dreams.


Spend less on pre-wedding parties

It is nice to spend more time with your girlfriends or pals to go partying before your wedding day. However, is this part of your wedding budget? With so many parties, lunches and pre-wedding dinners, make sure to host only those that are essential. After all, you’d still be able to party with your friends on your wedding day, and many days afterward.



Alternative wedding venues

Having your wedding at your home or your parents’ country property can help you save a lot of money on rental cost. The ability to provide your own catering, especially alcohol supply will significantly reduce the food and beverage bills and the entire wedding costs.



Personalized your bar

Instead of providing a full bar at your wedding, which can put a toll of your wedding expenses, why not serve your favorite wine, a signature cocktail, and beers that you know your wedding guests will love. Don’t forget to put a bar tab on the alcohol to limit the overall wedding costs. It is standard practice that the wedding guests will have to pay for their own alcohol at some stage in the night.


Ask help from your family & friends

As soon as you start planning for your wedding, ask around. Someone you know may know someone who is a cake maker, a florist, a HMUA, or someone who can design invitations and place cards. You’ll be surprised that a lot of your family, relatives, and friends are more than happy to help you in any way they can. Remember to respect their help, their time and do not be demanding, as this can quickly create frictions with friendships and close relationships.


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Consider buying your wedding dress online

A lot of budget brides are having great success in buying their wedding dress online.  Not only it is a lot cheaper, they showcase a whole range of styles and fabrics. Start looking around and ask for advice from forums to make sure you are getting from a legit online seller. Make sure you know your measurements to avoid extra cost for alterations. And most importantly, ask for the estimated time of delivery so you would know when to expect your wedding dress. A backup plan B is not a bad option either.


Avoid going over time

This happens when you use a wedding venue. So it is vital to be mindful that you have contracted this venue for only a specific amount of time. Don’t go over the limit or you will have to pay an additional fee which is usually at a higher rate. This is especially true for photographers, videographers, photo booths providers and musicians, and car rentals.

If you know that you and your wedding guests love to party, it is best to have the wedding reception at home or at a friend’s place to avoid additional fees.


Renting limousines and other special vehicles

While it is a necessity to travel from ceremony to the reception venue, however, hiring a limo for less than an hour drive is nothing but luxury. To save money, you can ask a friend or a relative with a nice car to help you in getting to point A to point B. They’d be happy to share their ride with you with no additional cost.


Always remember those small savings from here and there can add up a substantial amount of money. And going thrifty doesn’t mean you’ll never have the wedding you ever wanted. After all, your wedding is about your partner, your family, and the most important people in your life, and most importantly, about you having fun.

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