A Casual Wedding in Albany, Auckland

Hannah and Dez


Most, if not all, low-key casual wedding is always one of the weddings to remember. That’s why Hannah and Dez always wanted a casual wedding where they could truly celebrate and have a big party with all of their loved ones and friends. And to make it more memorable, they had their wedding at Hannah’s parents’ home in Albany, Auckland.



What we love about this wedding is how fun yet intimate it is. Hannah shared, “We had grazing tables and food trucks, lots of booze and everyone just partied and danced the night away. Dez and I chose to write our own vows to each other which were so special as we are not the usual type that gets all soppy with one another. Our 20-month old son and my nephew and niece ran down the aisle before us and I walked up to our special song ‘Always on my Mind’ by Tiki Taane which was played on the guitar by a good friend of ours.”



Hannah continued, “We also made up raffle tickets that each guest was given when they arrived and were told to hold onto them and all would be revealed. After we were announced as hubby and wife, our celebrant announced to the guests that we would now be drawing a raffle and the two lucky winners would get to share a special part in our ceremony and would be the chosen ones to sign out register. It was really cool seeing and watching everyone’s reactions and so fun having no idea who it would be.”



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