Ana Galloway Photography

Nelson Wedding Photographer

Ana Galloway Photography loves for photography started when she was young, during a round-the-world trip with her Mum. She was encouraged to go out and take photos of anything and everything. When she left the school she travelled for about six years living in Europe and South America, where she learnt to live outside of her comfort zone, see the beauty in different cultures and immerse herself in day-to-day life in a country that was not her own.

Now here she is, a visual storyteller, living in Nelson, New Zealand with her husband and their dog Marlowe.

Ana Galloway is inspired by nature, emotion and connection. Her photography is driven by storytelling, she wants to know about you, what makes you laugh, what you love, where you’ve been and all the details in between.

She searches for moments when you don’t know she’s there when you are lost in a moment together and all she can see is raw, unique love that only the two of you know. Love is like a fingerprint, no two feelings of love are the same. She looks for that when she photographs people, whether it be on top of a mountain with a newlywed couple, a tender moment between mother and daughter or an inside joke shared between best friends. Love is all around us and that’s what drives me.

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36a Cambria Street Nelson, New Zealand 7010