Avoid Wedding Dress Regret


Perhaps all brides do not want to experience regret in any aspect of their wedding planning, especially in choosing and purchasing their wedding dress. However, wedding dress regret is becoming more and more common in the brides today. Don’t fret! Here are three tips on how you can avoid wedding dress regret.

Always Stick To Your Budget

A lot of brides go above their budget because they always think that spending a little over their budget is okay. But ladies, it is not! Don’t get yourself going home with a dress five times your budget. You might end up regretting buying that dress.



Always Do a Raincheck With The Essentials

Don’t get us wrong. Your wedding dress will always be an important part of your wedding planning. However, it is not the most essential part of your wedding day. Show your personality in other ways like your wedding decors and your choice of wedding theme. It doesn’t have to focus solely on your dress. After all, it is the love you and your partner have that should be the highlight of your wedding day.


Always Be Open to Other Options

Some brides may have their dream wedding dress idea since they were young. And that’s okay! However, brides should keep in mind that there’s a possibility that it may not work well with your body type. So we encourage all brides to be open with all options, whether an off-shoulder works well, or a ball gown with a sweetheart neckline. Remember, not because it did not go as you originally plan you are already a failure. It just means that you are entitled to a lot of options that you can enjoy.



Manage Your Expectations

Not because it looks divine in the catalog or in the window shop it means it will fit perfectly in all brides. Ladies, manage your expectations. Don’t go over bridal shops to the next and get disappointed every time you try a wedding dress and do not look exactly the way you see it in a magazine.  Know your body type and ask your bridal dress consultant which of these works well with your body. With this, you will know what to look for and you know that this type of wedding dresses suit you the best.


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Do you have tips or bits of advice on how to avoid wedding dress regret? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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