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11 Awesome Ideas to Jumpstart the Morning of Your Wedding Day

11 Awesome Ideas to Jumpstart the Morning of Your Wedding Day

After months and months of planning and organizing the wedding, a lot of brides and grooms forget to plan for activities the morning of the wedding day. While some couples are contented to just spend the rest of the morning getting all prep and ready, others take it to the next level, making it more memorable.

If you are the type of couple who want to take everything to the next level or simply want to make your wedding unique and fun, check out these 10 awesome ideas to jumpstart the morning of your wedding day.


Image by Tammie Pittwood Photography for Aimee Kelly Photography


Have a sumptuous and lavish breakfast

Like what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it’s your wedding day! It is just right for you and maybe together with your bridal party to indulge in some sumptuous and lavish breakfast to start your day.

If being in the kitchen and cooking keeps your nerves at bay, you can whip up some breakfast for your bridal party and make this an activity where you can spend some quality time with them to say thank you.

However, if you want to just relax throughout the day, you can opt to order from a local café that you can share with your bridal party. You can even prepare one for your future spouse to add something extra, to let them know you are thinking of them.


Exchange Love Letters

One of most intimate moments you can share with your future spouse is exchanging love letters just before the wedding ceremony starts. Your wedding day itinerary will be full, that’s already given. But you can always ask your wedding planner if he or she can squeeze a few minutes for you and your future spouse to have a moment and exchange these letters before you exchange vows in front of your wedding guests.

If you are not into letters, you can still exchange a little love note together with a small gift as an alternative to love letters.


Images are by Aimee Kelly Photography


Exchange wedding gifts

Just like exchanging love notes and love letters, exchanging meaningful wedding gift to your future spouse is another way of making your morning before the wedding more memorable. Think about a gift that your future spouse can wear that on your wedding day, cufflinks, his favorite perfume, a vintage watch his been eyeing on, or a piece of jewellery that he can wear throughout the day. You can also give something to your future spouse for your honeymoon, maybe something nice and naughty, your pick!

The morning of your wedding day is also a great time to show your appreciation to your entourage. Aside from exchanging gifts with your future spouse, you can also start distributing those thank you gifts to your bridal party for helping and supporting you all throughout the wedding preparation.


Organize an outdoor activity

If you and your future spouse, together with your bridal party are more inclined to do outdoor activities, organizing an outdoor activity is a great idea. Book in advance a wedding venue that offers this kind of activities. It can be hiking, golf, canoeing, horseback riding or even grape picking and wine tasting. Just make sure that you’ll be back in time for your wedding preparations and not too exhausted for the rest of the day.


Image by Tammie Pittwood Photography for Aimee Kelly Photography


Have a morning pool party with family and friends

Celebrating your wedding day by the pool with family and friends is a surefire hit to everyone. You and your bridal party can lounge around the poolside, have an early toast and take as many pictures as you can to remember that morning before the wedding.


Groom the Groom (and the Groomsmen)

We are all used to seeing brides and bridesmaids getting all prepped up. But don’t forget your groom and his groomsmen. The morning of your wedding is the best time to get the boys all groomed up in time for the wedding ceremony.

You can book a professional in advance to help prep the skin of the guys for better lather and closer shave.


Have an early spa day with your bridesmaids

Soothe pre-wedding jitters with an early morning spa with your bridesmaid. No one can say no to massages, facials, manicure, and pedicure especially if you are aiming to look your best that day. If you are not really the outdoorsy type of person, as well as your bridal party, booking spa specialists as part of your wedding preparation is a great idea.



Have an early toast with your bridal party

Because everyone is in a celebratory mood and excited for the rest of the day, having an early toast can be a fun idea to before the start of your wedding. Just keep in mind though that pre-wedding ceremony drinking should be taken in moderation. You don’t want anyone from your bridal party to be all loud and rowdy during the wedding ceremony.


Have a me-time and re-visit your wedding vow

Spending a quiet morning on your wedding day is ideal especially if you’d like to re-visit your wedding vows and do last-minute additions. Walk around the area and reflect on why you are there and what lead you to be at that place. With those in mind, the final additions to your wedding vow will surely tug a lot of heartstrings.


Have a first look… with your mom and dad

One of those magical moments wedding photographers capture is the moment the parents of the bride see their daughter as a bride for the first time. The picture alone won’t leave a dry eye, especially the reaction of the father of the bride.

Make sure to include this into your pre-wedding itinerary and have that magical moment with your parents. We’re sure that it is one of those moments you’d like to relive as you remember your wedding.



First Look with your future spouse

Because of the tradition of not seeing the bride until she walks down the aisle, many couples don’t choose to have a first look before the wedding ceremony. However, there is a growing number of couples who do simply because this is that one time you get to spend some quality time before all the commotion of the day happens.

In addition, the first look reactions are priceless. Some of the best wedding photographs and outtakes are from this moment. So if you are not really into following the norm and traditions, a first look is a great idea to jumpstart your pre-wedding celebration.


Depending on how much time you have before the start of the wedding ceremony and what you and your future spouse are interested in, you have a number of options on how to jumpstart the morning of your wedding day. Remember, just because it isn’t officially a part of the wedding ceremony and wedding reception you wouldn’t plan and prepare for this part of the day. So go ahead and add a pre-wedding ritual for the morning of your wedding.  Most of the time, this pre-celebration holds a huge part of why your wedding is so memorable.

Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to jumpstart the morning of your wedding day? Share your thoughts and suggestions on the comment section below.

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