Be In To Win Purplee Fitness Resistance Bands

The team at My Kiwi Wedding is excited to collaborate with Purplee Fitness to bring this competition to help brides and anyone who want to get in shape and tone up for the summer, the beach, or their weddings.

Resistances bands are becoming popular among gym and fitness enthusiasts due to their versatility, wide range of benefits, small size and low cost. The bands are particularly effective at firing and engage the glute muscles, as well as other stability and core muscles during exercise.

Purplee Fitness Resistance Bands For Glute And Core Exercises 002
Purplee Fitness Resistance Bands For Glute And Core Exercises 027
Purplee Fitness Resistance Bands For Glute And Core Exercises 008


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Why Use Resistance Bands?

Why use (or buy) one? Resistance bands are exceptional in glute activation and core strengthening.

Glute activation secures the muscles in your booty – it ‘fires up’ all these muscles. If glute activation is skipped during exercises, you often end up counterbalancing and use other muscles to do the work of your glutes. The muscles in your booty can significantly affect your overall body strength. As it is part of the core muscle group, it is responsible for keeping your upper body upright; therefore, a strong booty can help improve posture and flexibility – and with posture and flexibility improved, posture-related injuries also decrease.

Improving mobility is fundamental in physical fitness as it helps create a strong foundation for the progressive and more difficult exercises.

And last, but definitely not the least, it helps create a toned looking peach.