Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

After so many months and weeks of wedding planning, you will be surprised how fast your day will go by. Before you know it, you’ll be having coffee with your husband reminiscing about your wedding day. That’s why having the right wedding photographer to capture and preserve your wedding day is very important. Good thing, soon-to-wed couples have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right wedding photographer.

With so many factors to consider in choosing the right wedding photographer, it always boils down to how important memories are to you. For some, photography is merely a way to remind them of the day. But for others, photography is an art form, a delicate way to tell a love story, your love story.



If you want to look back at your wedding photos after 30 years and still feel like it was yesterday, book a professional wedding photographer. But keep in mind that having a seasoned photographer bears a steep price tag. This doesn’t even include the additional costs of having an extended coverage, albums, fine art prints and other additional services. Here are a couple of things you can do to find the right photographer for your wedding day.


Start looking as early as possible

When you want to have the cream of the top wedding photographer to capture your big day, you have to book them as early as possible. This also applies when your wedding date is a weekend or scheduled for a holiday season. The truth is, top photographers are always booked all year-round. So start doing your homework and hire the best wedding photographer for your once-in-a-lifetime event.



Research. Research.

You can start narrowing down your list by checking the vendor’s reviews from the most recent wedding they have covered to the oldest. Check their website, their social media accounts, and even their blogs to carefully review if their style matches yours.

You can also check other former brides’ wedding blog about the wedding photographer. What’s best about this is that you can reach out to them and ask further information about the wedding photographer.


Conduct Interviews

As soon as you’ve narrowed down your list of potential wedding photographers, you must conduct an interview. This is an important part of your selection process because it will determine who among the shortlisted vendors fit the bill.

Ask them to bring sample wedding album so you can take a look at it closely, preferably something comparable to the theme and setup of your wedding. Make sure to check photos from start to finish. This way you’d have a grasp of how they capture important moments and many others. Let them know how you envision your wedding and ask them how they will do their part of achieving it.

Lastly, and considered to be the most important reason why you conduct interviews is, to know if both your personality connects. Not only that it will make working with them easily, but you will be guaranteed that they will work well with your wedding guests as well.


What To Ask During the Interview

Here are the essential things to consider when it comes to choosing the right wedding photographer.

  • Their Style and Creativity – Many wedding photographers have various styles and tones when they capture events like weddings. Knowing first how do you want your photographs taken is important.
    • Photojournalistic Photography – Do you like candid moments, and photos with genuine emotions gleaming? This type of photographic style focuses on facial expressions, with subdued hues and black and white photos.
    • Classic Photography – Do you like clean, carefully composed photos with perfect lighting? This type is often associated with what your grandparents’ wedding album would look like, but still widely used today. This is because of its classical approach to important wedding moments such as first look, the bride walking down the aisle, wedding kiss or tossing of the bouquet.
    • Fine Art or Artistic – Do you like photographs taken out of the wedding context? – meaning more on the artsy side or abstract rather than the traditional way of shooting a wedding? This kind of style will surely cut your wedding photos above the rest because it won’t look like anyone else’s.
    • Lifestyle Photography – Do you like a mixture of photojournalistic and classic photography? If you are aiming to have candid shots mixed with direction and styling, this style is right for you.
  • Their Equipment – Make the most out of your research and know the equipment being used to cover a wedding event. So ask what type of camera and equipment they are using. Do they have backup equipment in case the main camera starts malfunctioning?
  • Their Professionalism – Hiring a seasoned wedding photographer has a solid background on covering wedding events. This is very important because they know how to approach different circumstances that may arise during this kind of event. Because of the various setup, venues, and lighting conditions, an experienced wedding photographer will know first-hand what to use and what’s not to use. Knowing that your wedding photographer will do great in any given situation will not only give you smooth interaction but also peace of mind.
  • Their Cost – How much are you going to allocate to the wedding photographer? Are you just hiring their photography service? Or will you get the full package that includes fine prints, a coffee table book, and a framed portrait?
  • Their Postproduction Details – Ask your shortlisted photographer how long will it take to get the photos and other items included in the package. Usually, it takes a minimum of one month to get all photo proofs. Keep in mind that photographers shoot in raw files, way bigger than the common JPG files. Raw files allow photographer the ability to correct photos, hence, it will take longer to upload, process and edit it. Moreover, ask them how many photographs should you expect? Do you need to select the photos for editing? Is there any additional cost for retouching options or special effects?



Compare Wedding Photography Packages

List down what services you really need, like how many albums you need, how many backup photographers, the number of fine prints and if it will include an engagement photo shoot. Package prices vary on what is included. So it is important to ask your shortlisted photographer to give you an estimate considering all the things you want to include in the package. In addition, know how many hours of coverage are included. Will this cover the pre-wedding events up to the grand exit at the end of the reception?



Their Contract

Ask your shortlisted photographer for a sample contract so you can read over legal details of exactly what you will obtain and how it will be delivered before signing any contract. Make sure that the contract states that the photographer you met will be there on the wedding day and if you should expect a second (or third) camera person or assistant. Moreover, take note how many hours the coverage will last and other services you agreed upon.

Another topic that you need to discuss and must be included in the contract is the photographer’s ownership or rights over the photos taken at the wedding. While it will clearly state that the photographer can use them promotionally, it will better to know where and how they will those photographs.



Following these tips will effectively help you in choosing the right wedding photographer for your big day. Do you have other tips on how to choose the right wedding photographer? Share your tips and thoughts in the comment section below. We’d love to hear them!

Images by Two Little Starfish. You can check more images on their Facebook Page and on their Instagram account.


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