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Choosing the Best Wedding Location for a Marquee Wedding

Choosing the Best Wedding Location for a Marquee Wedding

Because a marquee wedding can take place virtually anywhere, you have the luxury of picking the best wedding location of your choice. From private residence to roof-tops, to beach fronts to forests, your selection is practically endless.

But before you choose the best wedding location for your marquee wedding, here’s a guide on what to expect, what to see and what you can do in each location.

Your Own Backyard

Having your wedding take place in your own backyard is very economical. You already have cooking facilities, running water, bathrooms for your wedding guests. You also have the power source for your lights and sounds. So if you and your partner are working on a budget, considering a marquee wedding in your own backyard. Plus, it is very intimate that adds more character to your wedding.

Estate, Farms, and Barns

If you want a much larger open space, consider these locations as your best choice. With its picturesque views and great photographic opportunities, more and more brides are considering their marquee wedding in these locations.

However, considering a marquee wedding on these places would mean you need to plan and organize everything. Moreover, your wedding suppliers need to bring their equipment with them. Hence, transportation costs may need to be covered.  Ask your location manager (if there’s one) or site manager for vendor recommendation to avoid these additional expenses.

Parks and Public Spaces

Having your wedding ceremony in a park or a public space where the two of you first met is ideal and romantic. However, you may need to do a number of requirements to hold a wedding in these locations. An ‘event permit’ is required if you want to hold events in public places. Plus, you need to be aware of certain council regulations that you need to follow in holding these events.

Moreover, depending on the size and type of event you are holding, a different permit must be acquired. If your marquee is larger than 100 square meters, a ‘Temporary Building Structure’ permit is required to have the tents up for your wedding.  If you don’t want additional costs or permits to apply for, keep your tent size under 100 square meters. This will hold around 60 to 90 wedding guests perfect for seated ceremonies without any additional tables or large furniture. For a seated reception for about 120 wedding guests, you must apply for a ‘Temporary Building Structure’ permit. This will require 200 to 240 square meter of space.

Lastly, you also need to consider sound levels, toilet accessibility, parking, power-source, liquor bans and the list goes on. Ask your vendors who already work on this particular site or the site or park manager for recommendations should you need additional permits to make sure your wedding is abiding council regulations.

Lucky for Kiwis, we have a lot of beautiful parks that are carefully landscaped, idyllic for wedding settings. No wonder a good number of brides choose public places like parks despite the permit-application process they have to go through. It can be time-consuming and may cost additional fees but if the public place means so much to you, it is worth it!

Images by Amy Bailey Photography

Hotel and Restaurants

There are a lot of hotels and restaurants in New Zealand that offer outstanding menus and services with outdoor areas perfect for your dream marquee wedding. Discuss your wedding preference with the site manager and they can recommend what’s best for your wedding day. Not only it is budget-wise because these locations already have their own catering, lights, sounds and many others. It will give you a peace of mind because you know a good hospitality professional is working for you.

There are so many other locations you can consider to pull off your dream marquee wedding. Depending on your wedding needs and budget, have a selection of locations you can narrow down to find the best fit for your wedding ideas. Ask around for a recommendation. Most of all, make time to personally visit these potential locations so you’d have a feel of the place.

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