Daisy Days – Mobile Food Truck

Mobile Wedding Food Truck

DAISY DAYS MOBILE GELATO CART is ready to roll up to your wedding, stocked with the ultimate crowd-pleaser: delicious, award-winning, locally-made Gelatos and Sorbets!

There’s an extensive range of flavours to choose from, and there’s no wrong choice 🙂

The gelatos & sorbets come in 5L tubs, the number of tubs is determined by your number of guests. As a guide, for 50 people, you are supplied with 3 x 5L tubs, which allows each person a double scoop cone. For 100 people, it is 6 x 5L tubs.

The package includes 2 hours of friendly service, transportation of the icecream cart to and from your venue, the delicious gelato/sorbet of course, along with waffle cones, tubs, spoons and serviettes.

We service the greater Wellington region, up to and including Otaki and Masterton.

If you’re ready to take your event to the next level, drop us a line!


Wellington, New Zealand