Finding The Most Flattering Hairstyle For Your Wedding Day


So you’ve got the dress, and have started putting together your look for the big day. Beyond the wedding accessories, and makeup, you’ll also get to start considering how you want to style your hair for the wedding. As with different body-types, women also have different face shapes, and with that, comes a variety of styles and options to best compliment your face. Below I summarize some of the different shapes and the most flattering hairstyle. This is another factor to keep in mind when planning your stunning final look for the wedding day.


Oval shaped faces

The shape is implied with the name. oval shaped faces are somewhat round, though not entirely circular. You have several options, being that you can play with a variety of lengths and styles. You can also get creative with your bangs. Just avoid hairstyles that can hang in your face or eyes or will cover up your face.



Round shaped faces

Once again, as the name states, round faces are more circular in shape. I recommend opting for a style with plenty of volume and fullness, and trying to keep your hair longer in length. This will proportionately frame your face, and can actually make your face look slimmer. Try to avoid bangs or a shorter style, as it can make your face appear wider.


Heart shaped faces

Ladies with this face shape will have wider foreheads and cheekbones while having a narrow jawline. One recommended style would be mid-length (from the jaw to the shoulder) and texturize the ends. If you prefer to keep your hair a longer length, that is also an option, but don’t be afraid to play with some volume at the roots. You can also opt to have bangs, however, plan for a side-swept look instead of the blunt cut bangs (across the forehead), as it can make your face appear wider and shorter.



Triangle shaped faces

Those with triangular faces have narrow forehead and cheekbones with a wide jawline. Layered hairstyles are recommended since they soften your noticeable jawline and styles with layers that taper at the jaw line is good. Avoid hairstyle that can emphasize your chin area such as bob cuts for instance.


Diamond shaped faces

With this face shape, ladies will have a narrow forehead and jawline, yet more prominent cheekbones. I recommend a style that adds width and volume at the ends of your hair to complement your jawline (such as a bob). Try to keep the length long enough to tuck behind the ears, to be able to show off your cheeks. Bangs are an option with this face shape. Just be mindful of volume at the roots, and don’t go too short with the haircut.



Oblong shaped face

Similar to an oval in shape, ladies with an oblong shape will have longer, very slim faces. Short hairdos without height are good here, especially a textured bob. Again, if you do not want a short style, chin and shoulder length hair will also compliment your face. Straight across bangs combined with side parts also work wonders here. Or of your hair is longer, consider a layered style to add more curves to and shape to your face.


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Though these are recommended styles, they are not set in stone. Plan ahead what styles you’re considering for the wedding, and consult with a hair stylist as early as you can (especially if you’re planning on changing color, length, style, etc. Anything that is different from your current look). This will give you time to acclimate to your new hair, and if you feel isn’t flattering, will also allow for time to try additional styles before the wedding. As with everything else in creating your look for your big day, you want something that you will feel your best in. Do you have tips or bits of advice to our brides-to-be about bridal hairstyle? Share your thoughts and advices in the comment section below. Our MKW brides will love it!

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