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Hacks for the Budget Conscious Bride

Hacks for the Budget Conscious Bride

Fairy lights, gorgeous wedding cakes, wooden farm tables with cascading bouquets: It looks like your dream wedding all put together by Pinterest. However, you know at the back of your mind with all these, it can pull a huge toll on your wedding budget.

There are a few tricks that wedding professionals use to save money without compromising the quality of their weddings and events. And you too can do the same thing; save money and still capture those Pinterest-worthy wedding details you’ve been pinning all these years.

On Centerpieces

We all know that flowers are fabulously romantic and can create a stunning and memorable impression not only to guests but also to any brides. However, not all brides are all out because of budget constraints. If large floral centerpieces are over your wedding budget, there are other alternatives you can use as your centerpiece. A good example is vases with candles. It gives ambient light at the center of the table that makes it more romantic without being distracting.

But in cases you really wanted a floral centerpiece on your wedding reception, instead of buying large floral centerpieces on each table, consider decorating the table where the bridal party is more extensively and the rest with minimal design. This way, you can save more cash but without compromising the entire look of your wedding venue.

Styling by Make Your Day Events. Photography by The Undefined Photography.

On tents and creating areas on the venue

Where and how to entertain your guests is a huge part in deciding where your wedding reception should be held. If you feel like you and your guests will appreciate an open-air, garden type venue or a venue that highlights a rocking dance floor, you can choose what suits best without breaking your bank.

If you opt for an open space out in the garden, therefore a tent is required. But do note that you must not tent more than the space you need. Discuss this with the tent rental company. They know exactly how many tables will fit under a specific size tent. This will avoid spending more than the necessary if you don’t know how much space you need to tent.

As for the flooring, discuss this with your site manager and work with what is already there. If your venue is a large room with tile or hardwood floors, there’s no need to install a dance floor.

Styling by Make Your Day Events.

On repurposing materials

It’s not necessary to rent fancy chairs and tables when you can repurpose as much furniture as you can. Find an attractive table within the venue to put your guest book and place cards on. Look around and use what you can. Put your thinking cap on and be creative. Consider using tablecloths to accentuate the table for your bridal party or the table that holds your wedding cake. There are so many creative possibilities you can take advantage of without spending a lot on rentals.

On wedding cakes

Wedding cakes are getting a little expensive these days. And while most brides want an extravagant cake to highlight their wedding reception, the budget is getting tighter. Good thing there are options you can do to spend less without compromising the ‘wow’ factor.

On cake toppers, you can opt to use real flowers on your wedding cake instead of sugar flowers that often cost much more. After all, naked cakes with greenery and real small buds are getting more popular these days. And did I say, it is so elegant and looks stunning in photographs!

But if you want to go further cutting down your wedding costs, you can opt to have a “fake cake” consists on fondant icing positioned on top of a Styrofoam frame. Your wedding guests will never know and it would be perfect for your cake-cutting ceremony.

Cake by Rebecca Jane Sugar Art

On selecting the wedding venue

Selecting your venue affects your overall wedding budget. That’s why it is important to locate the best venue that would not only help you cut costs but also help you bring out the wedding of your dreams.

To help you with your wedding budget, consider having your wedding ceremony and reception at the same place. This way, the chairs (you rented) and flowers can be reused with no additional transportation costs. If you love flowers and don’t want to skimp on it, choose a garden venue with lush greens and colorful blooms. Not only will this save you from adding more decorations to dress in that venue but also the costs of buying more flowers.

Venue: NZ High Country. Photography by Holly Wallace.

On getting your hands crafty (not dirty!)

Going for a gold and silver décor but can’t find a cheaper alternative? Why not consider spray painting the materials you have to achieve the gold and silver theme? It has the same finish without costing a lot of money.

For photo booth ideas, why not bond with your bridesmaids and create funny and witty props! Don’t forget to create Instagram-worthy backdrops such as a balloon wall or the ever popular flower walls.

The true cost of a wedding these days can really hit home. But don’t worry, there are many smart ways you can do to trim down the budget without sacrificing the fun, food and your wedding guests comfort. Research, ask for recommendation and help from your family and close friends. A less expensive wedding doesn’t mean you won’t have an epic and fun wedding!

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