How To Avoid Having a Boring Wedding


After all the months and months of wedding planning and preparations, it comes down to how successful your wedding day will be. Yes, your wedding is for your happiness and satisfaction and not for the people around you. But we know you wouldn’t want to see guests yawning immortalized in photos and your wedding film.

Thankfully, we have real brides spill out the best tips and advice on how to avoid having a boring wedding.


Always include your future husband in wedding planning

They always say that brides should be the one to do the wedding planning. But if you want to make sure that you have everything covered, you might want to include your hubby-to-be and his thoughts about the wedding.  This way, you’ll have more manly insights and understanding that you might have missed during the process.



Take time to make introductions at the rehearsal dinner

We all know that a wedding brings together two families (and sometimes extended families) and sets of friends. This means that a big group of people don’t know each other and attempting small talks can be very awkward. That’s why rehearsal dinner can be a great platform to introduce family and friends to one another. You can start by introducing a relative to another relative who happened to have a common interest, like sports or attended the same university.



Think carefully about the schedule

While delays at weddings are common, you have to mindful of the waiting guests. Think about what your guests will be doing when your wedding photographs are taken. Standing around and doing nothing is surefire buzz-kill, but you can always provide some entertainment like photo booths, giant garden games or maybe something to eat. Cocktail hour can also be a great way to serve your wedding guests while waiting for your wedding portrait pictorial. So make sure to set up a lounge where your guests can mingle and set the mood with some music to keep the festive atmosphere alive.



Three words: No Hungry Guests

Even though you and your partner are serving a full dinner at your reception, it’s a great idea to have hors-d’oeuvres for your guests to snack on while they wait for your grand entrance.  Ask your caterer for options and your guests will be thankful as they were refreshed from the ceremony—and appreciative of your thoughtfulness.



Make your seating plan work

Ensure that you avoid letting someone stranded on their own table by sitting them with people that they don’t know. Of course, you can mix it up a little to motivate people to network and meet new people, but keep in mind to be realistic in grouping people together because it might end up them leaving their assigned seats and tables.

If this can’t be avoided, introduce them to one another at your rehearsal dinner to avoid awkwardness and discomfort.



Make sure to limit time on speeches and toasts

Wedding speeches are a very important part of a wedding. This is where family and friends send their good lucks and wishes to the newlyweds. But there are times when speeches can be very long, unnecessary, and boring.  For wedding guests who aren’t speaking, these can go from romantic to excruciating and unbearable to hear. So it is very important to limit the number and length of wedding speeches and toasts to a few key guests like your parents, maid of honor and the best man.


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Have some sweet and take a treat

We are talking about candy buffets, dessert bars, and every donut tiers to satisfy the sweet tooth in your guests. Let them enjoy and spark their inner child by having these sweets. You can even provide boxes or bags so they can take it home with them, double as a wedding favor.


Don’t forget the entertainment

Get the party started by hiring a professional weddings bands or DJs. There is nothing better than keeping your guests on their feet on the dance floor. Make sure to provide a decent size dance floor so your guests can dance the night away.


Having a boring wedding will always be a nightmare for every bride. Good thing, we have a lot of ways to avoid going to the snooze route. If you are not sure how to keep things going, just let the professionals do their job. After all, this is your wedding day and you must enjoy every little bit of it.

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