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How to Find the Right Celebrant for your Wedding

How to Find the Right Celebrant for your Wedding

Contributed by Jade Kyles, a Timaru Wedding Celebrant.


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Finding the right celebrant is like finding the perfect pair of shoes!

In finding the right shoes, you have to think about what you want. You want a pair of shoes that are going to fit with what you need them for. Think about it – you are heading for a night of dancing. Are you going to squeeze your foot into a gorgeous pair of shoes two sizes too small for you? Or wear a size too big? Of course not! You will end up with blisters and pinched feet or be feeling not supported and unstable.

A great analogy was given by Jade Kyles, a Timaru wedding celebrant. Wedding celebrants are like shoes – one size does NOT fit all – the quality and type vary. Some shoes are so popular they are snapped up as soon as they are on display. The same goes for popular celebrants in peak wedding season. You should book the venue, food, photographer, and celebrant all at the same time as early as you can so you get the best possible choice.

Initially, you need to think about the style you want. It is no point choosing a celebrant that reminds you of your mean scout leader or looks like your fiancée’s’ ex-girlfriend.  Start by looking at their website and Facebook business page. Scroll through their photos. Do they look positive and happy? Does it fit the needs of you and your fiancée? Is she or he outgoing and vibrant or more reserved and quiet? Does she or he fit YOUR personality? Remember, your celebrant will be in your wedding photos forever and on your video if you have one.

Here are more tips on how to find the right celebrant for your big day.

  • Find one or numerous celebrants that you BOTH like the look of and that feels right.
  • Reach out to them and see if they are available for your date. They will probably want to know when the wedding is, where it is, what time it is and how many people will likely be attending. Request to meet them for a no obligation chat.
  • Both of you should meet and chat with your potential celebrant and talk about your wedding. If possible, try and see all of your potential celebrants in the same week or as close to each other as possible.
  • Tell them about your wedding, the theme, style, and enactments and most importantly, tell them about YOU. Take note, a good celebrant knows how to ask the right questions to get to know the real you. Don’t forget to ask questions about them. How long have they been a celebrant? Are they trained? Are they experienced? Do you like the sound of their voice and do you feel confident about them?
  • Take a list of questions and confirm their price and the package/s they offer. Does the price include a rehearsal? How about transportation fee?
  • Most professional celebrants have a contract which is for both of your benefits. Make sure to read it carefully and talk with them if there are any conditions you are not sure you’re happy with.
  • After you have seen all the celebrants and you both know who you want, confirm with the celebrant of choice. Make sure they are still available first. Then you can go ahead and sign and send back the contract, and pay the deposit to confirm your booking quickly.
  • Contact the other celebrants who you have seen and let them know you have confirmed a celebrant of your choice. Chances are they penciled in a tentative booking for your date that someone else can have now.

A good celebrant will want to accommodate what you want. Whether you are having a traditional full wedding, brunch wedding at a cafe or a dress-up Halloween Wedding, you need a celebrant that is appreciative and excited about what you are doing.  He or she should be welcoming, adaptable and easy to talk to. On your big day, your celebrant will be running the ceremony. He or she will be making sure it is all set up as planned. Your celebrant will also be helping you to keep your nervousness at bay and delivering an amazing ceremony for you and your guests.

Don’t be afraid to shop around and connect with a few, or lots of celebrants. Find one that you both find you are suitable for, that you have confidence in. Remember, it is your special day. You need someone that has your back and that has you and your ceremony as their priority.

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