How To Hire a Wedding Planner That Perfectly Suits Your Wedding

Wedding planning is never an easy task. There are so many details involved that a lot of brides-to-be overlook things especially staying within their wedding budget and being consistent with their theme and motif.  With so many wedding ideas in their mind right now, they just don’t know where to start and more so, how to start. Good thing, more and more professional wedding planners are available for the brides-to-be.

In the recent years, more and more brides are seeking the help of a wedding planner to make sure that their wedding visions come to life. However, finding the right wedding planner that perfectly suits your wedding will take some effort. Good thing, brides spill the beans on how they got the best wedding planner for their big day.



Start by doing your homework

You can start by checking out prospective wedding planner’s websites and social media accounts. You can check their recent weddings and from there you can narrow down your list. Observe how they style their weddings, from colors, decors, and lighting. Was it over-the-top or something elegant and intimate? Moreover, check for other information like the type of planning services they offer, the vendors they’ve worked with, associations, awards and most importantly, reviews coming from real brides whom they’ve worked with.



Contact Your Top Three Choices

Start reaching to your top three or four, depending on how many of these wedding planners interests you, by calling them. Start by asking them about the types of planning services they offer, their price range or if they have packages and promos at the moment, and of course, their availability on your wedding date. Set up an appointment as soon as possible to meet these wedding planners if their answers to your queries fit your vision and budget.



Be prepared for your first appointment

There’s nothing better than being prepared for your first appointment with your prospective wedding planner. Bring your inspiration board with you and show it to them. Remember at your meeting, ask them about the weddings or events they’ve done. Ask for their portfolios. Ask questions as you gauge their personalities. Will he or she be perfect to work with during the process of your wedding planning? Are you at ease with them while voicing your ideas? Always remember that a great wedding planner is open to ideas and will listen to your vision to make your wedding truly memorable and unique.



Make time to call their references

Before deciding who to hire as your wedding planner, take the time to call their references. To make sure you have covered the important queries about your prospective wedding planner, ask them these questions:

  • How good are they in staying within the given wedding budget?
  • How well did they interpret your wedding ideas?
  • Were they able to deliver what you wanted?
  • What type of planning service did you get?
  • Were they able to recommend good vendors with great deliverables?
  • Did they respond quickly either via phone calls, emails or texts?
  • Were they nice to work with?
  • Did the wedding go smoothly? And if there were any challenges, how did they handle it?
  • Can you send me photos of your wedding? (This will help you in deciding if they really suit your wedding perfectly. Remember, a wedding planner’s portfolio is a collection of their best work so it is better to see something from a different perspective.)



Compare their prices

Take some time to sit down and compare your prospective wedding planners’ prices and packages. Some planners may even draft a proposal containing their overall vision for your wedding. So take note of this as well. Among your top picks, which wedding planner understands your wedding vision? Which of their proposals made your heart skipped a beat?

Seal the deal by signing a contract

Once you’ve selected your wedding planner, set up an appointment immediately and let them know that you are moving forward with their wedding planning services. Upon receiving the contract, it is a must that you read it first before signing anything. Make sure it contains the type of service you intend to have, what are the inclusions and the price you are paying for this service.  As soon as the contract is signed, and a deposit is already paid, you can now start your wedding planning journey with the professional help of your wedding planner.



Whether you are looking for a professional help to make your wedding vision come to life or someone to keep everything on schedule, hiring a wedding planner is a great solution to achieve a relax and stress-free wedding planning. Do you have stories and tips to share with our brides? Share your thoughts and stories in the comment section below.

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