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How To Make the Most of Your Trash The Dress Photo Shoot

How To Make the Most of Your Trash The Dress Photo Shoot

Image by Dolce Wedding Photography

While most brides will find “trashing” their wedding dresses ridiculous, more and more brides in the recent years step up and experience this out of this world photo shoot. According to brides, the entire experience can be very liberating. Imagine getting to wear your wedding dress without any care or worry whether it gets dirty or ruin which makes you feel utmost freedom and fun.

What is trash the dress? TTD has many names including “rock the frock” or “fearless bridal”. It is a style of wedding photography that defies elegance and style in an environment that is often out of place. Thanks to Las Vegas wedding photographer, John Michael Cooper, for staging the first known Trash the dress photo shoot. Because he thought that traditional wedding photo sessions were getting unexciting and lackluster, he started asking his brides to pose in unusual settings after their wedding day. And the result was stunning. It was something in between high fashion and art, and yes, it is something very unique and a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience.

If you love the concept of breathtaking artwork, combined with a unique experience resulting in amazing pictures to cherish for the rest of your life, then you can jump on the trend of trashing your dress. Here are some tips to make the most of your TTD photo shoot.

Image by Let’s Do It Photography

Work with a photographer whom you are comfortable with

When you are comfortable, it definitely shows in the pictures. The concept of trash the dress is to keep you, the bride, as relax and as at ease as possible. So make sure to find the right photographer you want to work with. Just like finding the right photographer for your wedding day, you need to exert a little effort in finding one. Do your assignment. Find brides who have done trash the dress photo session in the past and ask for a recommendation. This photography style isn’t just about shooting candid moments. It is about style, creativity, and their patience to achieve such spectacular images.

Image by Let’s Do It Photography

Practice your poses prior to your scheduled photo session

If your concept is underwater trash the dress, you can practice in a swimming pool and bring a mirror with you. You can practice opening your eyes and softening your face in different poses. The point of practicing is to make you comfortable with your surroundings and relax during the underwater photo shoot. After all, the key to every photo shoot is to have fun.

Image by Let’s Do It Photography

Say NO to wardrobe malfunctions

If you are doing a lot of movement or doing an underwater photo shoot, make sure that the fabric and the fit of your dress work to your advantage. Make sure that the dress you are wearing fits you well and allows you to move comfortably. Although some wardrobe malfunctions lead to amazing photographs, when you are not comfortable to show a lot of skin, make sure your attire stays where it should be.

Have your hair and makeup done by a professional

Knowing that you look stunning for your trash the dress photo session installs the confidence you need throughout the day. So remember to choose a pro that had experience in trash the dress photo session (especially when it is underwater!). They will know exactly what to use and how to make sure that your makeup won’t smear – unless it is the concept of your trash the dress.

Be ready and pack a bag of your essentials.

Just like any photo sessions, it is best to come ready. Being ready means you have brought a number of clothes with you just in case the first one didn’t work out that well, props to help create more stunning images and other essentials that will make your photo shoot comfortable.

Image by Let’s Do It Photography

Start your photo session full of energy

Whether you want to start your trash the dress photo shoot early in the morning or during the “golden hour”, make sure that you had enough rest to come to your trash the dress session with full of energy. Eat a hearty and healthy breakfast, don’t skip your meals, make sure to drink lots of water and a good rest the night before. If you don’t, believe us, your weariness will definitely show on your pictures.

Above all, trash the dress is all about fun. It also about capturing the special bond, the passion and the love between you and your spouse. So be yourself, enjoy the moment and cherish this once-in-a-lifetime experience with your partner.

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