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Bloomsday – Auckland Wedding Florist

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About this business

Sustainability + flowers. What more could you want?

Bloomsday is a project in finding delight in the smallest things, in a responsible way. My name is Marayke (mah-ray-kah) and I’m the hungriest, most adventure-chasing florist you’ll ever find. I’m self-taught and this frees me from the traditional confines of regular florists – I love mixing fresh and dried ingredients, chasing a design that is the floral reflection of you as a couple.

This makes for a floral style that’s a bit like me: wild + bold, but somehow still soft. And definitely a little magical.

Bloomsday is a project in finding delight in the smallest things, then spreading that joy everywhere, brightening any day. At Bloomsday my goal is to cut through the waste of the floral world and find every possible way to do things better. From locally grown flowers and no floral foam, plastic free installations and compostable wrapping – sustainability is #1 here. With a Bachelor of Science to back it, no less.

So no matter your budget, if you’re looking to celebrate love in the most delightful and responsible way – I’m your gal. Bloomsday is right up your alley my friend.

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