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Lucalia Photography

Wairarapa Wedding Photographer

If you’re connected to the outdoor place you’re getting married at; you have a sense of adventure, and your style is personal to you as a couple: then Lucalia Photography is the right wedding photographer for you.

I create a relaxed atmosphere for you and your guests, which allows me to capture natural emotions as they occur. This is assisted by my Bachelor of Fine Arts and Honours in Visual Communication and over 11 years of professional wedding photography experience.

Connected Outdoor Wedding 
Would you like to be married in a natural place that means the world to you? I love working with couples who are motivated by your feelings, history and future together, instead of Pinterest. Meaningful locations could be the beach you had family gatherings at as a child; the mountain you climbed together on your first date; or your favourite vineyard.

Is your favourite thing to do getting active in exploring the great outdoors? Anything really: tramping, mountain biking, snowboarding, kayaking, camping and all the rest. You believe in the physical and mental benefits of pushing personal boundaries being active outdoors. Let’s take my camera on a bush walk before or on your wedding day, have a laugh and create some adventure photos just for you.

Your Personal Style
Do you gravitate to the handmade, individual and unique? You prefer to support local designers, makers and creators. Translated to your wedding, you’re keen to source suppliers from your favourite local network. The wedding dress designer whose shop window to peek into every day; the florist who uses natives; and the ring designer who creates tiny masterpieces with ethically sourced stones. You’d love to DIY some items for those personal details.

020 4177 8469

Wairarapa, New Zealand