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These days, the average cost of a wedding in New Zealand is approximately $10,000 to $30,000. And with weddings becoming more and more expensive, couples are always looking for money saving tips to cut down expenses in ways that won’t compromise their vision of their wedding day.

We ask our Kiwi brides to share money-saving tips and pieces of advice they did for their own wedding. Some may be small or can only save a few dollars, but hey, if you put them together, you are relatively saving money that you can use to start your married life together.


Consider getting married during the off-season

During the off-season, hotels and venues offer lower rates than the regular season. That’s why considering your wedding during this season can help you cut a large part of your wedding costs.



Consider having your wedding earlier in the day

More and more couples are considering a lunch reception instead of an evening reception because it can save as much as 30%. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great time just because the sun is still up. You can still have a DJ, a full bar, and some epic dancing.



Get married during the holidays

The holiday season can be all festive, especially on decorations. So if you marry during the holiday season, you can take advantage of pre-decorated venues in lights, flowers, and other holiday sparkles. Thus, it will cut down costs on decorations and other elements that would bring a festive vibe to your wedding.


Have your wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue

This is like hitting two birds with one stone. Having your ceremony and reception at the same venue will easily cut the cost of decorations and transportation. With this, you can focus on other wedding expenses that really matters to you and your partner.



Consider buying your wedding gown off the rack

Buying a wedding gown off the rack doesn’t mean you’ll just get the most unpleasant looking dress in the shop. You’ll be surprised that a lot of bridal shops carry a wide variety of off the rack wedding dresses – and yes, half off the regular price! Keep in mind though to check for stains, loose beadwork or torn fabric to make sure you won’t have any problems after purchase.


Consider buying items in bulk

If you and your future spouse don’t want to skimp on alcohol or having a dessert table on your wedding day, it is best to buy these items in bulk. Larger purchases of liquor and other items are usually given discounts – even freebies are thrown in.


Get crafty. Do DIY projects.

In the recent years, more and more brides are considering DIY projects to cut wedding costs here and there, especially on wedding papers like invitations and decorations. However, DIY doesn’t always mean that it will cost less. So to help you in making sure that you actually are saving money, compare first the cost of supplies and the purchase price. Consider as well your skill level for your DIY projects. Is this going to be an easy project or will cause too much stress?


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Wedding decors as favors

If you want to save more money and flowers are not your thing, maybe you can replace it with a more budget-friendly décor that can also serve as a wedding favor. Like a mason jar full of chocolates or a beautiful yet cheap vase with paper flowers on it.


Check out discount sites

It is very unusual but discount sites can offer different elements needed for your wedding such as guest books, gifts for your entourage and sometimes when the timing is right, you can even purchase a wedding band at a discounted price.


Join competitions

Bridal magazine and wedding websites have a lot of wedding vendors that launch competitions with awesome prizes to giveaway like a wedding band, photo booth sessions, candy buffet and even exotic honeymoon for the lucky couple. Try researching wedding related competitions online and you’ll be overwhelmed with the number of vendors offering their services for free as a prize.


Following money saving tips while planning a wedding can be difficult. But with the right strategy and knowledge on where to get items at a lesser price can help you a lot in cutting the wedding cost big time. Do you have other money saving tips or ideas on how to save money while planning a wedding? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comment section below. We’d love to hear them!

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