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Most Adorable Rustic Wedding Ideas

Most Adorable Rustic Wedding Ideas

Written and Contributed by Honeyfund.

Have you been thinking of a laid-back rusting wedding? You are not alone! Rustic weddings rose to in 2017 from just 2 percent in 2009, and we understand why.

The trend has been around for a while because they are simple, chic, and colorful. Rustic weddings, from your countryside classic barn wedding to rustic city substitutions, are the perfect way to create a simple yet classy wedding. Also, there are dozens of opportunities for DIY, which can cut down your costs.

Below is a collection of some of the most beautiful rustic wedding ideas if you’re looking for inspiration. 

The Wedding Venue

Nothing says rustic wedding like a barn wedding venue. A barn is a perfect venue for the wooden and greenery that rustic weddings represent. Once you start with a barn, you can reduce your décor costs because the backdrop is already set. 

If you can’t get a barn, there are other settings where you can pull off rustic. For example, instead of regular tents or marquees, consider setting up an outdoor wedding (check the forecast) or using tipis. We especially like tipis because they are less traditional, and their wooden stakes fit well into the rustic theme.

The Lighting

Your choice of lighting fixtures should give your ceremony space or reception area the perfect ambiance. It goes without saying that rustic weddings should feature some overhanging lanterns – you can play around with different types. If you have an evening wedding, the lighting is even more essential.

Hanging fixtures add a touch of sophistication and elegant whimsy, which is what rustic is all about. Add string lights into your greenery, particularly in a barn, to add that cozy feel to the space.

Remember, the mismatch is the fuel on which all rustic weddings run – feel free to hit the flea market, renaissance fairs, and dollar stores; you’ll be shocked at how useful some of the things you find there.

The Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements for rustic weddings involve mixing up different types of flowers with lots and lots of delicate greenery. Embrace trailing plants and textured greenery to add volume to your arrangements depending on what you’re going for.

Where you put your flowers is just as important as the flower themselves. Random objects like old metal carts, rolls of toilet paper wrapped with sisal string, and wooden step ladders come in handy. Like we said, there’s a lot of DIY involved in rustic themes.

Don’t forget to add bursts of color to the bouquets and arches. Your flowers will add the pop of color to the wooden and green foundation of rustic décor. Ideally, ensure your choices blend with the surroundings depending on the venue.

The Wooden Foundation

Wood is at the heart of rustic themed weddings, and you should try to incorporate different kinds in as many places as you can. For example, wooden foldable chairs might work better than Chiavari seats. They may be painted white or stained colorless to retain their original color for a more authentic feel.

Use the wooden organic elements already present in your venue: trees outdoors, wooden stakes in a barn, etc. If you have limited natural/organic wooden features, you’ll have to make up for it with your décor: wooden boards with love quotes or humorous welcome messages, or real bourbon barrels as a guestbook, for example. 

A sizeable wooden backdrop behind the altar, painted with your vows or song lyrics from your favorite songs, maybe an idea to consider.

The Cake 

Finally, the wedding cake is a favorite place to show off creativity and style with rustic weddings. Given that most rustic weddings are in the spring and summer embrace naked wedding cakes with buttercream and lots of flowers and fruits, such as the one pictured below. 

You don’t have to embrace symmetry or perfection, which is the point of the theme anyway. Choose whimsical designs, and garnish with fresh or edible flowers depending on your leanings. 


There are hundreds of ideas when it comes to creating rustic weddings. The beauty of this theme is that you’re allowed to go informal, which gives you and your guests the perfect setting to kick back and really have a good time.

Check out our Wedding Visual Inspirations, as well as online boards like Pinterest for lots more ideas so that you can throw the wedding that works for your tastes and budgets. It’s your day, so be sure to do what makes you and your partner happy!

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