New Zealand Weddings: What You Need To Know


There is no doubt that anyone would want to get married in New Zealand with its picturesque location to the beautiful seasonal blooms. New Zealand weddings are considered as one of the easiest and hassle-free to get married. Whether it is a registered Civil Marriage Celebrant or a religious minister, it is legally binding and recognized around the world.

Below, we have listed down all the necessary information and legal documents you need in New Zealand weddings.



New Zealand weddings are open to anyone, either a heterosexual or a same-sex couple, even to a non-citizen. However, there are a few restrictions couples need to know before getting married in New Zealand.

  • You and your fiancé(e) must be at least 16 years old. A consent from a guardian is needed if you and your fiancé(e) are only 16 or 17 years old.
  • If you or your fiancé(e) is currently in a marriage or in a civil union partnership, you cannot get married. For those who have previously been married or in a civil union, an evidence of the dissolution of the previous marriage or civil union (divorce order) must be presented. In cases where the previous partner has died, date of their death must be provided.
  • If you are closely related to by birth, marriage or adoption, marriage or a civil union is not possible.


Getting a Licensed Marriage Celebrant

Finding the best location for your wedding may be on top of your list. But don’t forget that you also need to look for an approved marriage celebrant in the time and location of your choice. You can find a list of licensed marriage celebrant here.

For you not to encounter any problem, contact your marriage celebrant in advance. Discuss the time and place prior to applying for a marriage license. For a wedding union at a registry office, it will be conducted during normal office hours.



Obtaining a Marriage License

Getting the requirements is fairly simple. You can have a marriage license in as early as 3 days and this is valid for 3 months. Here are the documents you need to accomplish.


Copy of Particulars

Make sure that you have two (2) copies of the “Copy of Particulars” to be signed during your wedding ceremony. You can get these at the Births Deaths and Marriages office where you submitted the forms during their office hours.

After the wedding ceremony, you can have a copy of the “Copy of Particulars” while the other copy goes with the celebrant where he or she will return it to the Births Deaths and Marriages office to have it officially registered.


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