How To Plan a Classic Romantic Wedding and Stay Within the Budget


When you dream about piles and piles of beautiful blooms such as peonies, pearls, tall reception centerpiece, candles, and warm shades of pink, creams, peaches and even gold, a classic romantic wedding is perfect for you. This wedding theme is known for its over-the-top decorations and details, overflowing elegance and an impression that will take your wedding guests’ breath away.

With that in mind, a lot of brides worry that they will go beyond their wedding budget and end up compromising other wedding details. Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to have the classic romantic wedding without breaking a bank. Here, you will know how to strategize on where to splurge and where to conserve or knowing where to find similar decoration with the same classy feel without blowing your budget off.



Get a “WOW” on Decorations

Every classic romantic wedding has a show-stopping ceremony and reception décor that takes every guests’ breath away. Achieve this by having tall floral centerpieces overflowing with lush blooms. We all know that considering tall towers of roses or peonies on every table will cost you a lot of money. Why not consider replacing vases with a non-floral centerpiece like an over-the-top candelabra? It can achieve the same classy and romantic atmosphere plus a striking height too without the expensive price tag. However, if floral arrangements are important to you and you can’t just forego, why not consider cost-saving flowers alternatives? Talk to your florist and ask for suggestions and tips.

Chair garlands are another styling detail you wouldn’t miss in a classic romantic wedding. You will see this gracing the back of the groom and bride’s chairs. Some even cover the full row of ceremony chairs for more wow factor. But keep in mind that these can take a huge toll on your wedding budget. So have an open mind to alternatives such as aromatic greens that can include olive, eucalyptus, a bay leaf or even rosemary for a fresh-from-the-garden vibe. You can also opt for a sheer white fabric to add more romantic effect.


Go for an Intimate Outdoor Location

For outdoor ceremonies, why not take advantage of the natural world around you instead of splurging over drapes and extravagant floral arrangement for an altarpiece. You’ll be surprised that open landscape or a secluded spot can be more than enough. Maybe you may want to add hanging glass containers with wildflowers to add more elegance.

While walking down the aisle carpeted with rose petals is the ultimate grand entrance, which can cost more than the usual, why not consider mixing wildflowers and herb? Cost-saving but the same filled aisle you always wanted.


DIY Wedding Stationery

We all know that custom touches and sophisticated printing techniques can cost a little more than the regular wedding invitation. However, a classic romantic wedding theme is all about sophistication. And that includes your wedding stationery, from wedding invitation down to your table numbers.

Oh, don’t fret! Of course, you can still have a gorgeous wedding invitation and classy stationery. You just have to do a little researching online for free designs you can use for your wedding invites and you’ll be surprised with the hundreds of free designs available online. Moreover, you can also opt to do friend sourcing who can help you recreate these papers for less. For all you know, your family and friends are more than happy to help you out.



Don’t Be Afraid to Personalized

Remember that there are a lot of varieties of details you can add without blowing your wedding budget off. So don’t be afraid to add personalized details to jazz up your decors, small but meaningful things to express who you are as a couple or as a bride or groom.

The options are endless where you want to add personalization on your wedding decors. Whether you want to add your touch to your ceremony or reception, aim for something stylish and dreamy and turn your fantasies into realities.


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