4 Wedding Planning Tips To a Wedding That Perfectly Suits You


Now that you have finally secured a venue for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception, it is now the time to create your wedding planning guide that looks and feels totally you! How do you see yourself when you look in the mirror on your wedding day? What wedding dress would suit you? Lace and vintage wedding dress, cream or off white, wedding veil or no veil? What do you see as you walk down the aisle? What are the elements you see when you first walk inside your wedding reception venue as husband and wife? Who are the people smiling back at you?

So before making any major decision on where to start looking for your dream wedding dress or getting a sampler of wedding cakes, step back and look at the big picture and decide what style or vibe you want to see and feel that ultimately reflects you and your partner on your wedding day. We put together 4 quick tips for you to consider.


1: Dream Big. What is Your Dream Wedding?

When you visited your wedding venue, have you imagined how your wedding day would look like? Have you pictured your dream wedding? Don’t worry about the budget. Don’t worry if everything won’t perfectly fit in. Just visualize how it will look like and what the vibe it exudes.

Will it be a big wedding or a small wedding? Will you and your future spouse be inviting friends who are overseas? Extended family? Or just close family and friends? Do you see them outdoors or indoors in your hometown or in a beautiful destination? There are so many things to think and imagine about so let go of your mind go dreamy.

Will it be a garden wedding with lush greens and blooms everywhere? Or the rustic-slash-vintage you’ve always dream about when you were a little girl? With so many wedding inspirations you can check out online, you can go and put them together and dream about your own. Is the reception casual or fancy or something in between?



Step 2: Collect Ideas. Ask Questions. See Inspirations.

Do your assignment. You may think you have all the ideas you needed but believe us, you may want to consider checking out bridal magazines, blogs, website and real wedding photos for inspirations and trends.

Get pinning. You can create a board or a have a folder to keep these photo inspirations. This will help you identify what you need and see how these things will look together.

It is also important to look at real wedding photos because styled wedding shoots you see in websites and bridal magazines are the wedding industry’s way to advertise for the purpose it for the photo shoot itself rather than something that happens in real weddings.


Step 3: What is Your Style?

What is the setting of your dream wedding? Do you imagine your guests on a more laid-back vibe or sitting down in a dressed up, formal set-up? Will it be an intimate dinner or something that will get your wedding guests decked out and partying until the wee morning? Whatever you choose, you have to make sure that all aspects of your wedding reflect your style from the most obvious detail down to the small details.

To help you shape the style of your wedding, you can start by thinking what is common between you and your future spouse. Do you love art? How about the appreciation on vintage mementos? Share this with your planner and/or event stylist. They can help you with your vision. They can help you gather the most important details, get the best theme for your wedding ideas and leave your wedding guests saying, “This is so them.”

However, keep in mind not to load up on too many ideas because so many ideas may end up like a disjointed affair. Remember, you want your personalities and passions to shine in your wedding.



Step 4: Go Bold on Colors

The easiest approach to make all of your wedding elements come together is to have one main color and an accent color, or maybe two equally complementary colors. A color is a unifying aspect for your wedding elements, from the stationery to your bridesmaid dresses. So if you are having a hard time deciding what color or colors to have on your wedding, take a look at a color wheel to help you determine the shades you’re drawn to. Moreover, remember not to limit your choices to just one or two colors. You can try adding metallic or neutral accents to bring more life to the wedding.



All beautiful weddings are different and unique. So go over a bridal magazine and other wedding inspirations sites and see where you are more drawn into. Save it, whether pinning it into a board or filing it to your wedding folder and combine these details to create your dream wedding. Don’t be afraid to ask for professional help to put it together perfectly for you.  Do you have other tips and stories about how to plan a wedding that is totally you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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