How to Pull Off Your Dream Rustic Wedding


A rustic theme wedding is always a popular choice for couples who wanted a more relaxed and casual feel on their wedding day. With its down-to-earth and outdoorsy feel and look, more and more brides are drawn to get inspirations on this wedding theme.


What is a rustic theme wedding?

A rustic wedding is a timeless wedding theme. It has a strong garden or farm-like inspiration and showcases a lot of natural textures such as burlap, fibers and other organic materials. It is often held in farm estates, barns, lodges, ranches or even in mountains.

Rustic weddings exude a romantic, natural, and cool vibe. It is very earthy incorporated with many natural elements such as wood, wildflowers, and the likes. You’d also see a lot of mason jars, mismatched glasses and plate ware that adds more character to its rustic vibe.

Need more ideas on how you can pull off your own rustic wedding? Below are some tips on how you can succeed in pulling off a beautiful rustic wedding.



In Choosing the Venue

Choosing the right venue for your rustic wedding is very essential. While a wedding stylist can pull a rustic wedding in any venue, there’s nothing better than the authenticity of a real barn, loft or a garden venue. With that in mind, consider places like farmhouses, breweries, barns, lakeside and mountainside wedding venues all over New Zealand.


What to Wear

Because of the cool and relaxed vibe of rustic weddings, brides should opt for fuss-free and natural look for her wedding day. A dreamy airy ethereal gown and a loose, messy wave are your go to look. So forget about wearing a ball gown or a heavy beaded wedding dress, your look and your attire must reflect your wedding theme.

In addition, you can also complement your look with cowboy boots and maybe some hats and other quirky touches for your entourage too!



For Your Decorations

Rustic weddings focus on organic and natural materials. That’s why you will always see burlap, wood, and twines together with wild flowers, moss and seasonal fruits. To make it more quaint and lovely, you can add country and shabby chic items like lace, mason jars and hay-bales. Combining all these things is a sure fire way to bring your venue for life.

Adding colors to a rustic theme wedding can be tricky. So make sure your color combination fits well with your decorations. Most common colors are tea rose, orange, purple, brown, red, even matte bronze and monochromatic shades of ivory.

For your floral decoration, should you opt to add one, choose blooms that can withstand being outdoors for long period of time. Succulents, ranunculus, coxcomb, sunflowers are best because it can stay fresh from start to finish. A key element to follow is to make the arrangement too structured. Ask your florist to play with wildflowers and other non-floral accents like pussy willows, grains, and fiddlehead ferns.

Lastly, you can add dramatic elements like antique furnishings and chandeliers to make the setting more authentic.  Play with the surrounding of your venue. Check if there are other opportunities to put more decorations and lighting.


What Food to Serve

Think about comfort food. Nothing will make your wedding guests feel relax and at ease than giving them easy to eat food like bite-size tacos and sliders with unique sauces to pass around. You can also serve roast chicken, pasta salads, mac and cheese and a great selection of freshly baked bread and pastries.

While rustic theme wedding is usually a no five-course sit-down party, you can still upscale your food choices by serving bite-size goat cheese tartlets and spinach and the likes. You can also make sure your food is as local as possible to guarantee the quality of the farm-to-table taste.

Don’t forget to tailor your refreshments to match your comfort foods like strawberry wine, lemonade and other colorful drinks that can be added as décor too!



Adding Your Own Element

Don’t be afraid to add your own DIY. A rustic wedding is all about DIY elements. This will add a touch of your own personality to your wedding day. However, make sure that you don’t overdo it. We don’t want any bride to become too overwhelmed and up end being too stressed.


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