How To Pull Off a Gorgeous Garden Wedding


The beauty of the lush greenery, blooming rose bushes, reflecting ponds or even splashing fountains is something a lot of brides would love to have on their wedding day. With its less formal landscapes and the connection to nature it exudes, this is one of the reasons why a lot of brides dream of having a garden wedding.

With so many decorations and styles to consider, you as a bride don’t want to overdo or stressed over your own garden wedding. Here are some tips you can use to help you pull off your own garden wedding.


Always Check Your Potential Venue

Yes, we understand that all gardens and garden wedding, in general, are beautiful. But keep in mind that you still have to go for location check to make sure that you won’t encounter any headaches on your wedding day.

First, you must check if there are any rules or regulation that might put a toll on your wedding planning. So check with your potential venue what these are so you’d know how you can comply or adjust your wedding planning. Also, check what other facilities your potential venue offers. Do they have enough toilets or powder rooms for your wedding guests? Enough chairs? Is it well-lit at night or have sufficient car parking? Will it be hot during the day or chilly in the night? By visiting the venue, you’ll know these things beforehand and can perfectly plan for your wedding.

Another important thing to check out in the venue is the uninvited guests such as mosquitos, bees, and ants. It naturally lives in thriving places like gardens so better talk to the site manager to make sure that bugs won’t spoil your wedding day. A pre-event spraying would definitely help and give you a peace of mind during your big day.



Choose The Best Season

Choosing the right season to plan for your garden wedding is vital if it is outdoors. Do you want all the lush greens and blooms all around your wedding day? Or you want to experience a chilly night with the beauty of the ever-changing season? Ask the site manager to describe the location in each season so it can help with your wedding planning. You can even ask for a picture so you’ll have a visual that can help you with the style and decorations.


Take Advantage of the Garden’s Natural Splendor

With the lush greeneries and the beautiful blooms all around you, extra decorations wouldn’t be really necessary. It is advisable to be with your event stylist so he or she can access the venue and ask for her thoughts and ideas on how he or she can transform the area to your dream garden wedding. You can also add personal touches so better discuss this with your event stylist.


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What Attire To Wear

Knowing first-hand the surrounding atmosphere of the venue would definitely help decide what to wear and what to tell your wedding guests to wear to make them comfortable on your wedding day. Will it be chilly? Should your wedding guests bring jackets? Or a fan or umbrella because it can get hot even in mid-afternoon? Also, don’t forget the proper footwear to remind your guests of. So stiletto heels are a no-no.


Always Have a Plan B

You may have to check out all or plan all the necessary things about your wedding day but you will never really know what will happen on that day. So make sure to have a plan B. Wasn’t really sure about the weather in your wedding venue? Have a tent for rent on standby in case the weather gets cranky. When the temperature gets too hot, you can ask the site manager to have an extra fan on standby. This way, it can also ward bugs that can make the wedding guests uncomfortable.

Moreover, having a plan B will give brides that one thing all brides wanted to have on their wedding day, a peace of mind. So it is important to discuss this with your wedding planner, or if you have a wedding stylist and the site manager of your wedding venue to help you plan this up. They will know what to suggest and what to offer to make your wedding day the best day ever.

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