Raglan Buds Flower Farm

Waikato Wedding Florists

Jenny and Kristel have been friends for years. Friends that love to garden. Friends that love nature and the ever-changing seasons. Friends that love to design and create. When their families moved inside by side they became ‘neighbour-friends’ and Raglan Buds Flower Farm sprouted.

They are Small Scale Flower Farmer Florists. This means they take absolute pride in the flowers they grow and design and their products are sold locally.

Working the land with the utmost respect and care using no-dig gardening and permacultural techniques, they avoid the use of toxic chemicals and sprays. They grow a diverse range of blooms and foliage on their semi-rural west coast properties.

Seasonal demand means they are sometimes required to outsource flowers and through this, they enjoy supporting other local gardeners, flower farmers, and suppliers.

In the studio, every arrangement they create is unique, seasonal and made with love. They don’t use any toxic floral foams or plastics and compost all the off-cuts which in turn helps to feed the flowers they grow. We are florists for your events, like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

021 257 8729

Wainui Road Raglan, New Zealand