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Real Brides Spill Their Wedding Planning and Wedding Day Mistakes

Real Brides Spill Their Wedding Planning and Wedding Day Mistakes

Generally, brides planned their most important day carefully, prudently and cautiously. They plot ideas for weeks, decide on color schemes and motifs, and most important decide on who’s in and who’s out on their guest list. Most of the time, these brides succeed. However, there are still some details that weren’t handled as wished or missed moments or maybe some vendor mix-ups.  Good thing, there are recent brides who wholeheartedly shared their big day regrets to avoid wedding planning and wedding day hitches.

Booking your venue should be your top priority

Just because there are a lot of venues available in your area you will slip finding your wedding venue on your non-priority to-do wedding planning list. So you go start purchasing your wedding dress, decide on a color motif and a theme for your wedding. And when you finally decide to book a venue, the one that will fit your wedding theme, is no longer available!

Wedding planners should know that booking the wedding venue is the top priority. There is a domino effect if brides chose to decide on something first then the venue. So to avoid being a distressed bride in the last weeks of your wedding preparation, book your venue first and everything will follow.

Give your photographer a shot list

It is common for most brides not to provide a shot list to their photographer. Yes, your photographer may be one of the seasoned vendors in your area but they may not provide the shots you’d really like to have during your wedding day.  So discuss these with your photographer and hand him or her a copy of this shot list.

Hiring a wedding videographer

Perhaps, this is one of the most regretted decisions of brides, not hiring a videographer for their wedding. These brides thought that it is unnecessary and just take a chunk of their wedding budget, but years later, they’d realize how big a mistake this is.

Hiring a wedding videographer is money well spent. You can look for recommendations that don’t necessarily break the bank. Believe us, every penny spent is all worth it because, in the years to come, you can always hit play and revisit the day of your wedding day.

Know what you want and be firm with it

The moment you announce your engagement, vendor recommendations, and wedding advice pop out like fleas from family and friends. Don’t get us wrong. We thought that’s really lovely and thoughtful. But believe us when we say, over time, it will get really overwhelming to the point that you will just say yes to everything, follow everything. And then on your wedding day, you’ll just realize that this is not what you want but it is too late to change anything.

So take control of your wedding planning from day one. Be assertive. Be firm with what you want to have on your wedding day. Say thank you to every wedding advice and recommendation and tell them it will be considered. It is still nice to hear different approaches and vendors that can help with the finalization of your wedding day preparation.

Having too many DIY wedding projects

This is often one of the mistakes most DIY brides commit, DIY-ing too many wedding projects without anticipating how long it will take to create these projects. So you’ll end up cramming and stressed at the weeks and days before your wedding day. Yes, it can help you save money but always remember to be realistic with your DIY goals. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your family and friends. DIYs makes the wedding more personal at the same time creates wonderful memories with your loved ones while making these projects.

Having someone screen the phone calls during the wedding day

Every bride wishes to have a relaxing and stress-free wedding day. But this can change as soon as she answers wedding related phone calls at the beginning of the day. That’s why it is important to assign someone from your bridal party or a family member to screen the calls for you. This way, it can spare you from worrying and being stress about every detail of your own wedding. Don’t forget to let your vendors know who to contact on the day of the wedding if you opt not to have a wedding coordinator.

Have your honeymoon two to three days after your wedding day

It is a common notion to fly away after your wedding reception for your honeymoon. But more and more brides see this to be a mistake because, first, they were too exhausted and second, they spend their first day of honeymoon getting their much-needed sleep and rest instead of enjoying. That’s why travel experts suggest that delaying your honeymoon for two to three days is ideal to unwind, rest and spend more time with parents before flying out. This way, you and your new spouse have all the energy you need to enjoy the rest of your honeymoon.

Wedding planning should be fun and worthwhile. Mishaps and snafus are inevitable no matter how careful we are. Good thing, we have real brides who can give us tips and pieces of advice about their wedding planning and what works and what does not. Also, don’t forget to check out our wedding planning tools to help you out. Do you have tips and stories to share with our brides-to-be? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Happy planning!

Images from the talented Charlotte of Charlotte Christian Photography.

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