11 Scenarios That You Need a Wedding Planner


“Do I need a wedding planner?” This is one of the biggest questions you have to ask yourself during the wedding planning process. Can you handle all the requirements? The needs and demands of organizing a wedding? Do you easily get stressed or maybe forgetful to details that are very important in wedding planning?

Not many of you know, but a lot of couples planning their own wedding never consider hiring a professional wedding planner. More often than not, couples planning for their wedding think that hiring a professional wedding planner can only add to the ballooning list of things they need to pay for. But in reality, wedding planners can help couples save not only money but at the same time stress and time at their hand.

If you are still unsure whether to hire a professional wedding planner for your wedding or not, check out the list of scenarios below and if your answer to the majority is “no”, then, it is best for you to hire a wedding planner at the start of your wedding planning journey to avoid any mishaps and stress along the way.


Image by Michelle Kristine Photography | Planning & Florals: Kristopher & Co. | Venue: Black Barn Vineyards | Furniture: Lucy Chase | Grazing Table: The Mad Platter


Do you love planning parties or events?

Are you type who love meeting vendors and discussing your ideas to them? Or do you dread the thought of making sure that your guests are well-entertained?


Can you stop a family or a relative or maybe a close friend from insisting or deciding things for your wedding? Like the flowers to choose or dresses to wear?

What’s a wedding without family drama? But if you are a little afraid to hurt someone’s feelings or you don’t want to stress out on this type of scenarios, a professional wedding planner can handle this for you. They know how to approach this kind of situation authoritatively and how to firmly instruct family members or relatives and friends what the bride wants for her wedding day.


Do you have a trusted and organized friend or a family member that can help run the wedding for you?

Sometimes, when you ask for it, a person close to your heart will offer their time and skills to help plan the wedding with you. They’ll go with you when you need to meet a wedding vendor and take time to see venues and caterers. If you have a person in mind, that is not a part of your bridal party, then you don’t need a wedding planner.


Image by Michelle Kristine Photography | Planning & Florals: Kristopher & Co. | Venue: Black Barn Vineyards | Dress: Wild + White Bridal 


Can you keep track of your deadlines?

If you have been missing deadlines whether paying bills or submitting a document to your clients, it is wise to consider hiring a wedding planner to avoid paying extra fees to vendors.

Will your groom help you on this wedding planning journey?

Some grooms will be in it to win it. But most of them are working during the wedding planning process making it hard for them to be involved. To some couple, this can cause marital rifts. So to avoid any trouble or arguments in the future, hire a wedding planner.


Image by Michelle Kristine Photography | Planning & Florals: Kristopher & Co. | Venue: Black Barn Vineyards | Dress: Wild + White Bridal 


Are you working full-time, even during weekends?

Of course, we support women who are striving very hard to where their careers are now. However, wedding planning demands more of your time and schedule. If you can’t meet wedding vendors during weekdays, then it is a sign that you need the help of a wedding planner.


Are you able to take calls during business hours?

Wedding vendors work on business hours too, that is why receiving calls from them are just usual and appropriate. If you can’t spare a few minutes at work to speak with your wedding vendors, you need professional help.


Can you find reliable wedding vendor recommendations for your big day?

Wedding planners connect with a good number of wedding vendors. If you are having a hard time finding the right wedding vendor that can work with your budget without comprising your wedding ideas, hiring a wedding planner can definitely help you with it.


Image by Michelle Kristine Photography | Planning & Florals: Kristopher & Co. | Venue: Black Barn Vineyards | Furniture: Lucy Chase | Calligraphy: Panoply Studio Gallery


Do you have at least a year to plan your wedding?

The advantage of having a year-long engagement is you can plan and prepare for your wedding long enough for you to shop around and make sure that the wedding vendors you choose are the best for your preferences. However, if you are having a short engagement, it is best to ask help from a professional wedding planner. They will assist you from finding the right venue to choosing the florals for your wedding in a short span of time.


Do you know how to achieve your wedding plans?

With all the details you see on wedding inspiration boards on Pinterest or on wedding website like My Kiwi Wedding, you have no idea how to put it together and execute it on your own wedding. This is where wedding planners come to mind. With years of experience with brides having so many ideas in mind, they know how to break it down and discuss with the bride each and every idea that will work with the wedding theme and plans.


Do you find wedding related forums and groups enough in assisting you with your wedding planning?

While forums and groups, like MKW Facebook group [insert link], can be a huge help for brides who are planning the wedding of their own, most of the time, you still look for professional advice and expertise on certain things. A wedding planner can definitely help you not only with professional advice but also directs you to where you should be given your timeline. Having a wedding planner is like a having a friend who is always ready to listen to you and advise you to what should be done best in a certain situation.


Planning a wedding can really be complex. With the number of things you need to accomplish, the things you need to prepare, it is without a doubt one of the most challenging and demanding events to arrange and deal with. This is why hiring a professional wedding planner is a huge help in all your wedding needs, from setting a realistic wedding budget to selecting the best florals for your wedding theme, up to how your wedding day would go. He or she will keep you organize and at ease especially when the big day arrives. Thanks to your wedding planner, you get to savor every minute of your wedding day, from wedding preparations to walking down the aisle, to your grand entrance at the wedding reception up to saying goodbye to the last wedding guests in your reception.

However, there are some instances that hiring a professional wedding planner is not needed. A good example of these is small intimate ceremonies, with less than 20 wedding guests, and elopements. Depending on your needs and circumstances, it still boils down to your management skills and how much time do you have to prepare for your wedding. You may have a small intimate wedding but only have 2 months to prepare, then, in this case, asking for assistance from a wedding planner is a great idea.


Do you have tips, suggestions or recommendations to our Kiwi brides about hiring a wedding planner? We’d love to hear from you! Share your comments and thoughts below.

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