Share Your Wedding Tips and Advices

As many of the kiwi brides are getting married for the first time, research is probably the biggest part of the journey to ensure that it is a smooth process and the magical day will actually be magical. This is why our Tips and Advices section is getting more and more popular every day, with many of our articles rank on Top Google pages for their key words and search results. We want to continually build this section, and we need your help. If you would like to contribute with your knowledge and expertise, we would love to hear from you.

Benefits to you as the contributor:

-Increase your authority and expertise on our platform as well as on the internet

-Improve your branding with each article, as we want to clearly show your business name, contacts, as well as logo with each article

-Improve your standing in the eye of Google, as we will link back to your website, as well as to your My Kiwi Wedding vendor profile. Due to the traffic and interactions on our website, we have quite a high authority in terms of Google "juice" to say. A link from a high ranking website will naturally pass on the Google "juice" to your website.

-Be found on Google via our articles. As mentioned before, our articles are becoming more and more popular, with many being found on first pages, top three and even top search results. We hope to organically drive traffic to you, as well as the Google "juice".


Important Notes to Consider

We have put together a little tips section of our own to ensure we make the most out of your time, effort and contribution. We want to create beautiful and informative articles, but at the same time, to help drive traffic and Google goodness to your business and website where possible. We hope the notes below are helpful, and please use them as a guideline, rather than strict instructions.


The process

-Start with the title and then bullet points, and/or summary of the ideas you want to share

-Please feel free to share as many ideas for articles as you want

-We will then contact you to discuss further and to finalise the articles ideas, content and format

-Please don't forget to enter your details and business logo if you have one.


Content Ideas

-Brides don't want to be lectured, but to be inspired and be bombarded with ideas

-Brides want to personalise their weddings and create their fantasy a reality

-"How to..." and "5 ways to..." are great titles and topics, where we can break down ideas into easy follow steps and mini topics


Content Format

-It is important to break the articles into paragraph and points, to make it easier to read and follow

-Feel free to write the content in first or third person format

-The articles are not a sales pitch, or a self promotional content. The main purpose is always to provide tips and help to brides

-However, we want to mention your business somewhere in the articles where appropriate, as well making it clear you are the contributor and to provide links to encourage the viewers to visit your business to find out more details

Word Count

-At least 800 words. Google enjoys long content that is both helpful and engaging.

-Longer articles can be useful, but only if they need to be. In another word, please don't make the articles long just for the sake of the word count. Our experience has shown that it is not difficult to reach 800 words, especially if the articles are indepth and detailed.


Don't Duplicate Content

-It is important not to copy and paste, from your website to our website, to create an article. Google does not like duplicate content, and can penalise us both.

-We can easily use your existing articles are starting points, but its important to make the articles unique and insightful



-Please ensure that you own the copyright to all the content that you share and upload to My Kiwi Wedding, as per our Terms and Conditions

-If you quote or reference external sources, please credit them accordingly and carry out any due diligence required in order to use such content appropriately and legally



-It is utmost important that you either own the copyrights to the images, or have the authority from the copyright holder to upload and to allow us to use the images

-1500 pixels on the longest side is adequate for our website and on mobile devices, without slowing down the pages

-Please upload 5-10 images, so we can have a selection to choose from


Your details

-Please don't forget to include all your details, as well as your logo so we can