How To Spot A “Not-So-Quite” Professional Wedding Photographer

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In the recent years, anyone can easily obtain materials, courses and equipment to call themselves a wedding photographer. Please don’t get us wrong. Of course, we have high hopes and support to our up-and-coming wedding photographers. But this doesn’t mean you can just commit to any wedding photographer with a DSLR camera for a once-in-a-lifetime event in your life.

With so many vendors to choose from offering low prices, it is very tempting to give in especially when you are on a budget.  But that’s not all! Given the number of wedding vendors available today, determining who is a pro and an amateur can a little bit tricky. So here’s a list of signs to spot an amateur photographer.


Unbalanced Composition

Take note that a professional wedding photographer knows that placing the subject in the center can make a boring image. They use rules of thirds, a concept used by pros where a frame is divided into nine imaginary sections to guide them when shooting images. Amateurs don’t know this rule, nor understand this concept.  Most of the time, their photo compositions are uninspired and repetitive.


Subject is not clear.

Weddings can be challenging to cover. With picturesque background to elegant backdrops, it will be difficult where to focus. However, a professional photographer will always take the challenge and focus more on what’s important to shoot. On the other hand, amateurs tend to stray from what’s important and mask this by taking more of the backdrop to distract viewers of what should have captured instead.


Rough Pixels and Grains

When an image needs cropping or zooming in, an amateur’s work has rough pixels and grains. This can be attributed to a number of reasons like unfocused images, poor image editing and even by using the unsuitable equipment.


Filters. Filters everywhere.

Amateurs often use filters. While it tremendously helps photographs to look flawlessly good, it actually hides the real results of photographs. It can appear to be too gimmicky. Professional photographers create beautiful images by composing their photographs and correcting colors. Not by batch image editing by the use of filters.


Colors tend to look unnatural.

With all the camera settings, amateurs tend to not know how to manage manual settings, especially white balance. Because of this, the colors in the image seem to look unnatural. Events like a wedding require knowledge on how to set your equipment in different environments, indoor or outdoor settings and even under different lighting. So how can you spot an amateur’s work, always check on the subject’s skin tone. Is it too pinkish? Or too yellowish? Remember that a good quality photo must show natural skin color.


Few to none reviews

While most amateur wedding photographers are affordable, it doesn’t mean it is already a bang for the buck. Always make a habit of checking their reviews online. They may be cheap but the stress of hiring an amateur is not worth it.

So be extra careful and pay a lot of attention in choosing your wedding photographer. You don’t want the disappointment of getting an amateur instead of a professional photographer. As we always say, don’t risk the once-in-a-lifetime event in your life in the hands of an amateur. You may live with consequences for all time.


Do you have any tips on spotting an amateur photographer, or had an experience you’d like to share? Let us know in the comment section below.

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