Uncle Bob and student vs professional wedding photographer


Wedding planning can be challenging, especially when you have to consider your budget in every decision. With that in mind, cutting the wedding cost can be inevitable especially on big budget items such as photography. Booking a professional wedding photographer while on a budget can be difficult. Remember that a professional wedding photographer and their services can easily start from $3000 alone. Hence, it is tempting to use Uncle Bob’s help to shoot for the wedding or a student photographer to significantly reduce the cost.

Please don’t get us wrong. We would like to stress that there are very good amateur photographers out there. But on the other hand, there are also very bad professional wedding photographers that we should be aware of. With improved camera technology and self-learning materials available online, many amateur photographers are leveling up. Thus, it can easily rival with the ranks of the professionals. Given this fact, it can be very tempting to consider getting their services for your wedding day.



Remember that your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event. Nothing can give you peace of mind than trusting it all to a very reliable professional wedding photographer. Still not convince? We had put together a list why hiring Uncle Bob or an amateur photographer is not a good idea in capturing your wedding day.


Weddings are not controlled environments.

Many non-professionals can have an extremely good portfolio of images. But it is likely that the majority were created under controlled environment without significant time constraint. This is definitely not what a wedding is.



Wedding coverage demands sufficiently good camera.

Many amateur photographers do not have sufficiently good camera gears to deal with a difficult situation, especially at the reception where the lighting condition is less than ideal. A $1000 lens vs a $100 lens does make a world of difference in low light atmosphere, as well as give you that beautiful artistic emotion in the images that you love so much.


Wedding coverage demands backup equipment.

Your wedding is a one off event. You need to feel assured that the professional wedding photographer you hired will have the required equipment to capture your day, no matter what the instances are. This is why most professional photographers bring back up equipment. This will make sure they are always ready to work their magic when things go wrong. And believe us, things can go wrong.



Weddings can easily get out of control. Photographers must be authoritative to take important shots – in a polite way.

A wedding day is a day of celebration that involves a lot of people and a lot of events. Things can easily get out of control. You and your partner will be too busy to enjoy the festivity to worry and stress about it. This is where a professional wedding photographer can be very handy, to direct people, forcefully and politely at the same time, to ensure that things go according to plan.



Getting your wedding photos in a timely manner

Do you want to wait like 12 months to get your images, or having to track down the photographers to know the progress? Most professional wedding photographers value their time. They love workflow and system to allow them to work quickly and efficiently. As a result, they give you beautifully edited images as soon as possible. Quality control and customer service are also very important to professional wedding photographers and they want you, as their clients, to get the best possible.


No contract, insurance or liability protection

What would happen if your Uncle Bob accidentally knocks over a precious and expensive vase at a reception venue, or spill a glass of wine on the DJ mixing desk? Who will be liable for the damage? How about if you don’t like the images, is there a contract to help you resolve the issues quickly? These business aspects are very important to working professionals, but may not even cross the mind of the not so experienced hobbyist.


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Uncle Bob may step back and feel a little hurt for not being considered or you may save a lot of money from hiring an amateur photographer, but always remember the many risks that may happen which can easily ruin precious memories that you cannot have back. Do you have tips or stories to share about dealing with amateur photographers and professional wedding photographer? Share your thoughts and stories in the comment section below. We’d love to hear them!

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