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Things to Consider

We have put together some extra notes to help you with the listing process as well as tips to help increase engagement with potential brides viewing your wedding vendor profile.


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As such, please make sure you have all the information required to make the process trouble free.

  • You need all your business details, including the social media ilnks
  • Your description
  • The images to be uploaded to your profile page


Your Business Description

This is the part where you get the chance to tell the potential brides about you, your business, and how you can help them with the planning of your big day. This section of the website does receive significant view, and thus we recommend the following:

  • Please be thorough and indepth, and put yourself out there through the words in this section. This will allow greater engagement with your profile page, as well as the images.
  • The increase in engagement will allow your profile page to rank better in the eye of Google also.
  • Please do not simply copy and paste from your website over here. When the viewer does visit your website, they will easily spot the duplicate content and won't look as nice. Also, Google hates duplicate content, and will penalise accordingly.


Your Images

Business Logo

Please name an image as logo.jpg to let us know which image we will use as your logo to go at the top of your listing.

To help with the loading speed, please shrink your logo file down to 400 pixels at the maximum height and width.


Featured Image

Please also let us know which image you would like to be the featured image for your listing. You can just add the text "Featured" to the file name.


The Remaining Images

Please try to send us high resolution images, probably at least 1500 pixels in size. with or without watermark. We tend to prefer non-watermarked images to ensure a cleaner look on your profile.

We recommend 20-30 images nice images to feature your service. Brides love images, and our page design caters for a 20 images layout for the best look and feel.


Copyrights of your Content

  • We respect the copyrights of the creators/owners, and as such, the copyrights of any Submitted Content by You will always belong to the copyright owners.
  • We only own the copyrights of Content that has been created by Us and for Us, such as our logo, our website design, etc.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary rights to upload your Content to My Kiwi Wedding.
  • Please read through our Terms and Conditions before submitting.