This is our ever growing library of tips and advices from New Zealand wedding vendors, brides and our MKW team to help you on your wedding planning journey.

Money Saving Tips From Real Kiwi Brides

  These days, the average cost of a wedding in New Zealand is approximately $10,000 to $30,000. And with weddings becoming more and more expensive, couples are always looking for money saving tips to cut down expenses in ways that won’t compromise their vision of their wedding day. We ask ...
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Unexpected Wedding Costs You Often Forget To Budget For

  Making sure you and your partner are working on to cover unexpected wedding costs can be a challenging task. it is even trickier because of the so many hidden costs that may arise during wedding planning. Here are some of the top items couples forget to think about and ...
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Why a Weekday Wedding Suits You

  Yes, a weekend wedding is still the top choice of the majority, but in the recent years, more and more couples are considering having a weekday wedding. Indeed, there will be challenges along the way, especially when it comes to ensuring your guests can make it to your weekday ...
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Wedding Tips You Don’t Often Get From Bridal Websites & Magazines

  With so many wedding tips and pieces of advice you read online, you may think that you have your wedding all covered. However, a lot of brides get surprises on their wedding day, and boy they are not the good kind of surprise. So we have gathered a number ...
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Destination Wedding: What You Need To Know

  New Zealand gives almost everything, from sand to surf, to terrains to snow. That’s why it is known across the globe that New Zealand has the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Lucky for us Kiwis, New Zealand provides an astounding wedding background worthy of a million camera shots. ...
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How To Pull Off a Gorgeous Garden Wedding

  The beauty of the lush greenery, blooming rose bushes, reflecting ponds or even splashing fountains is something a lot of brides would love to have on their wedding day. With its less formal landscapes and the connection to nature it exudes, this is one of the reasons why a ...
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How To Plan a Classic Romantic Wedding and Stay Within the Budget

  When you dream about piles and piles of beautiful blooms such as peonies, pearls, tall reception centerpiece, candles, and warm shades of pink, creams, peaches and even gold, a classic romantic wedding is perfect for you. This wedding theme is known for its over-the-top decorations and details, overflowing elegance ...
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Tips in Planning The Perfect Beach Wedding

  Imagine a picturesque backdrop, the salty breeze, soft sands on your feet and even an astounding sunset that paints the sky. Nothing is more romantic than declaring your vows to the love of your life on a beach wedding. Moreover, it can be a wonderful experience not only for ...
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Which Wedding Venue Works Best for Your Wedding Theme

  Planning to have an exclusive function with a small group of family and friends or an intimate ceremony with a picturesque backdrop? Finding the perfect venue for your big day is one of the most important elements you have to prioritize once you have decided on a wedding theme. ...
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3 Tips For Styling an Elegant Vintage Wedding

  The theme that never gets old. A vintage wedding will always be and will never go out of fashion. From 1930’s Art Deco to the luxurious Great Gatsby style, every bride will have plenty of inspirations to draw from.  If you love soft lace, endless romance, timeless décor, and ...
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