Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Caterer


While some brides are fortunate to find a wedding with in-house catering services, some brides still need to add finding a wedding caterer at the top of their list.

Searching for the right wedding caterer can be a little bit tricky especially when you are looking for a specific kind of menu list and at the same time, considering your budget. My Kiwi Wedding understands this hard work, so we have made a list of tips you can consider in finding the perfect wedding caterer for your big day.


  • Before searching for wedding caterers in your area, consider your budget first. – You have to know how much you and your partner are willing to spend on food and drinks before contacting any potential caterer. This way, vendors can come up with options depending on your budget.


  • Your wedding venue may know wedding caterers. Ask for referrals – A lot of wedding venues have a list of preferred vendors. Ask for information. This can be a good starting point in your quest of finding the right wedding caterer. Plus, it is an advantage that these vendors have worked at the venue before and knows the ins and outs of working around the area. However, if none of these preferred caterers provide what you need or doesn’t feel right for your wedding, you can ask your venue to provide requirements for other caterers for their approval. It is important to note that a lot of wedding venues requires proof of different certificates and licenses in order for a caterer to carry out their services in the premises.



  • Interview a number of wedding caterers and get their proposals. – Having options is a great way to come up with the best decision in choosing the right wedding caterer. So it is important that you get multiple proposals from different caterers to compare and to know which one provides the most for your wedding needs. In addition, when you interview your potential caterer, don’t forget to ask specifics. Here’s a short list of what to ask your wedding caterer.
    • Do you have a license to operate?
    • Can you provide references from previous clients?
    • Do you specialize in certain type of food like vegan, gluten-free, organic etc.?
    • Do you work on fresh food, not frozen?
    • Are you working on another event, aside from weddings, the same day as your wedding day?
    • What is your price range and do you offer packages?
    • Can you proper certain types of food like halal, kosher, gluten-free etc for a few guests? How much is the additional cost?
    • Do you offer special meals for children and for other wedding vendors such as the photographer, DJ, wedding planner, etc.? How much is the additional cost?
    • Do you offer food tasting? When will it take place? Where?
    • Is the wedding cake included?
    • Will you provide the chairs, tables, silverware, and dinnerware? Is there an extra cost?
    • Will you provide a wait staff? How many will be present on the wedding day?
    • Do you need additional arrangements with the venue to operate properly? Like on-site facilities to prepare food etc.?



  • Take note on how the wedding caterer communicates with you. – This is very important because they are serving you one of the most essential part of your wedding day. So make sure that they treat you and answer your inquiries efficiently and in a timely manner. If they get your name, date or even the number of guests you initially provided, cross them off your list.


  • Don’t forget to check reviews. – Before you shortlist your options, check out reviews from previous clients. Make sure to check the feedback on the caterer’s quality of wait staff, the quality of food, their attention to details and if they make sure that everyone is served. Don’t just rely on what your potential wedding caterer tells you. Do your research as well.


  • Schedule food tasting with your chosen top 3 wedding caterers. – Not all catering companies offer food tasting until you’ve to sign the contract. What if the food just looks good but don’t taste good?! So when you interview your potential vendor, ask if they provide food tasting. This will tremendously help you decide which one of the shortlisted wedding caterers is the best for your wedding day.


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  • Sit down with your chosen wedding caterer. Sign a contract. – Upon making the decision and contacting your wedding caterer to create a finalized proposal, it is best to sign a contract stating the services they will provide, the total cost of food and drinks, the breakdown of what food and drinks to serve on the wedding day, the number of wait staff, party rentals and any other additional fees you have agreed to. This will serve as an agreement on how much you need to settle with wedding caterer and what the wedding caterer must provide on your wedding day.


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