Tips To Lose Weight and Keep Them Off For Your Big Day


So you’ve set the date, started speaking with vendors, and are off-and-running in the planning stages of your wedding. One of the biggest, ongoing challenges for the bride-to-be is setting her fitness goals and how to achieve them before the big day. Weight loss can already be a challenge under normal circumstances. Plus, the added pressure of upcoming wedding presents a whole different set of challenges. However, we’ve gathered some fundamental tips and ideas here, to help you start on your weight loss journey.


The role of calories in diet

Diet is one of the biggest factors in attempting to lose weight. Not necessarily “diet” as in a strict, pre-planned regime, but YOUR diet. The foods you currently eat and then what changes to make to reach your fitness goals. Understanding the quality and quantity of food you eat can greatly impact weight loss and your overall health. A great first step and one we highly recommend is utilizing online programs, such as or This will help you plan healthy menus and track the calories you consume. Begin by looking at the different foods that you eat, and be aware of the number of calories consumed. Following this, consider what steps to take in order to change your diet and gradually reduce those calories. Tracking your meals can help you to stay on track to achieve your goal for the big day.


The most important meal of the day

Another key aspect in meal planning is allotting time for each meal, particularly breakfast. Why breakfast you might ask? Well, many sources have highlighted the benefits of breakfast. Primarily, having breakfast will help control hunger and cravings later in the day. It will also kick-start your energy, allowing for better focus and performance during the day. Of course, the benefits taken from breakfast will vary on what it is that you are eating. As with any other meal, lean protein, whole grains, and items rich in vitamins and nutrients will provide the most benefits.



Feeding or Fasting?

As you begin to make changes to your diet, it might be tempting to try an extreme measure and skip meals, or “fast” for periods of time. This is definitely not recommended as you are aiming to starve yourself. It is recommended to try and eat more frequently but in much smaller portions. Eating more frequently will also sustain your metabolism and energy throughout the day.



Get moving

Now that we’ve talked some fundamentals on diet, the other essential part of losing weight is exercise. Being active offers so many benefits. It will help you burn calories and speed up your metabolism. It can also help deal with any potential stress that can pop up as you plan your wedding.

If you’re new to exercise or struggling to make a routine of it, there are tricks to get you started. One solution is to exercise with someone, such as your future spouse, a friend, or family member. Classes are frequently offered at most gyms or fitness centers. You can also opt working one-on-one with a trainer as an option. The trick is to remind yourself what your goals are, finding an activity that you will enjoy, and staying motivated to see those results.


Remember to hydrate

One of the biggest things to remember during all this activity is to stay hydrated. Water has an essential part in our overall health. To name just a few benefits, our systems use water in digestion, cellular development, and muscular health. Though the recommended amount of water can vary from person to person, there are dozens of sources that can make daily recommended amounts. Not sure if you’re hydrated? Listen to your body. Check if you’re feeling thirsty. Water is your best choice in supporting your healthy habits.


Getting those Zzz’s

Getting ample time to rest and recuperate is just another part in bettering your overall health. Similar to an electronic device that needs to be recharged, that is how sleep is to our bodies. During the sleep cycle, our mind and body can recover. This can help you be more attentive, energized, and better cope with stress. Missing out on sleep will limit your body’s ability and time to repair itself. This will take a toll on your health.

Try to get as much sleep as you can, especially in those days before the wedding. You don’t want to feel and look exhausted walking down the aisle.


Coping with Stress

Stress factors are unfortunately an unavoidable part of life. There are many new scenarios that can create stress for you. As unavoidable as it may be, the important thing is to have methods in place to help alleviate and ease any unwanted pressure. Some of the above-mentioned habits are important in ensuring that stress won’t take any physical tolls. Sleep, exercise, and diet all can help how we cope with tension.

Time management can help avoid pressure or anxiety as different tasks arise. Of course, things will unexpectedly pop up. But keeping a grasp on the situation will make coping with it much easier. Never hesitate to ask others for help. Having assistance with planning and tasks can lessen the amount of work to do, help to organize, and better manage your time. Plan ahead. Try to stay cool and relaxed in the planning process and have someone as a backup to lessen any stress in the planning process.


Stick with the healthy choices

Whether your engagement is going to span a short or long period of time, you can expect there to be plenty of pre-wedding festivities. As tempting as it will be to indulge at the parties, dinners, and other events, keep in mind what your goals are for the wedding day, moderation is the key for the events in between. Try to make lighter and healthier choices in what to eat (and again, how much to eat), and limit alcohol consumption. Of course, enjoy the parties and pre-wedding festivities, you don’t want to miss out on the excitement of your engagement, but save the indulging to be your reward on your wedding day, especially following all your hard work to get there.


Don’t get too tipsy

As I’ve already mentioned throughout in the previous tips, you can expect in the pre-wedding festivities, champagne to be poured, cocktails to be mixed, and other beverages to be served. It seems that alcohol becomes more abundant during an engagement, and as tempting as it can be to drink and make the most of each occasion, I recommend limiting alcohol consumption. Different types of alcohol can have different effects on your health, so reducing (if not avoiding) what you drink will help to avoid any diet pitfalls or weight gain.


Keep your eyes on the Prize

Through all these activities, always have your goals in your mind. Of course, keep your goals realistic, if you only have a short amount of time before your wedding, don’t expect to have any drastic changes, but don’t let that discourage you from making any changes beforehand. You can still see some results, and you will feel a difference. For those of you that have more time, take advantage and start as early as you can.

Try to stay motivated and positive, and utilize every resource you can. Track of your progress, whether it’s losing Kilos or centimeters, logging your activities and numbers shows how your hard work is paying off over time. You have a support system in place, with your friends, family, and future spouse there to support you. Remember, whatever your goals might be for the wedding, you are going to reach them by making healthier choices, and everyone will support your efforts there.


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Moreover, allow yourself to be rewarded along the way will also help in maintaining your habits. Indulge in some new clothes, or treat yourself to something. Some spa time is always good and will help to relax. Even scheduling a photo shoot, whether to do an engagement or glamor session, will help you celebrate your efforts in getting healthy and fit. The most important thing during all of this is to feel good in everything that you’re pursuing. Be positive in the efforts you are taking, and enjoy the rewards in achieving your goals.


So here you have it, ten of the most basic tips for getting in shape prior to your wedding day. These tips are fundamental and will help you in any initial efforts to start dieting and losing weight. As challenging as it can be to make new habits, and during such a hectic time, these are tricks that will not only help you to lose weight and feel good prior to your wedding but also allow for a better, healthier lifestyle after your marriage.

Do you have other tips and stories on how to lose weight and keep them off for the big day? Share your tips and tricks in the comment section below. Our MKW brides would love to hear them!

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