3 Tips For Styling an Elegant Vintage Wedding


The theme that never gets old. A vintage wedding will always be and will never go out of fashion. From 1930’s Art Deco to the luxurious Great Gatsby style, every bride will have plenty of inspirations to draw from.  If you love soft lace, endless romance, timeless décor, and elegance, then a vintage wedding theme is best for you.

Over the years, a vintage-themed wedding has become more and more popular among brides. There is something about a vintage wedding that is so romantic, elegant and charming. However, because of the number of inspirations and possibilities, a vintage wedding can become overly decorated and may end up more like a chaos rather than timeless.

Since designing a vintage-themed wedding can be tricky, here are some tips and tricks on how to plan your own.


Location & Venue

In the past, vintage inspired weddings were often held in family house or estates with a beautiful garden. Some even use a country house or a rustic barn to recreate a certain period of time. But in the recent years, a vintage-themed can be done anywhere with the correct décor and design choices.

However, there are brides that wish to recreate eras that are more authentic so they search for more options, more genuine decors to showcase on the venue. That’s why it is best to consult and reach out for help with a wedding stylist to achieve the look and feel of a vintage-themed wedding.



Color Scheme & Decors

Because color combinations and the decors play a vital role in conveying a time period, it is important that you choose correctly and fitting for the era that you chose. Think about vibrant corals, soft pinks, peaches, and turquoises together with romantic lace. Add lit candles with antique holders or glass jars and you are in the right direction.

Of course, you may want to have color combinations that never go out of style in the years to come. Gold, black, ivory, peach, blush and burgundy are your go-to colors.  Don’t be afraid to combine colors. You can use it on the floral arrangements and party favors. Use other hues to create a more modern, old-fashioned look.

For anything related to flowers, whatever you choose is crucial to the theme. The most common of all is roses. Daisies and Peonies are also a popular choice for vintage-themed weddings.  However, keep in mind that you have to stay away from bright and vibrant colors and stick more with dark and nudes tones.



Your Vintage Wedding Look

To complete the entire look of your vintage-inspired wedding, your look and attire must reflect your theme. Wedding dresses can come from a lot of different styles. But be careful not to overdo your dress to avoid looking like a flapper girl. So keep it elegant and romantic, and you are on the right route.

To avoid appearing like a flapper girl from the 1920’s, always go for soft lace. However, in cases where you are not into lace, you can opt for sheer details with lace elements around the neckline or sleeves.  And to add more glam and spark to your attire, put beading, crystals or rhinestones.

For your hair, a tight bun with sleek gelled hair would work wonders to your vintage-inspired look. You can also opt for a finger-waved hairstyle for a more playful look. In addition, try adding a hair accessory like a crown, headband or even a flower crown.

Your entourage can also opt for a striking look by adding beading and sequins on their dresses. Plus some string of pearls to complete the look. For men, they can sport some suspenders and some dapper hats.


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Take note of these MKW brides, something old can from time to time takes the form of something new. This means that not the whole thing requires being an antique or heirloom. But because of these, many vintage-themed weddings turn out looking more cliché because the design isn’t put together properly.  Remember, your vintage theme wedding should make your wedding guests feel like they have traveled back in time, not a bad case of an old garage sale.

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