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Tips To Take Care of Your Wedding Ring

Tips To Take Care of Your Wedding Ring

Whether it’s the engagement ring or the wedding ring, a jewelry will be exchanged between the engagement and the wedding ceremony. These rings are probably the most significant part of the wedding. This is because of what it represents, the love and commitment between you and your future spouse. It’s also one thing you get to wear continuously after the big day. Because of the continuous wear, you’ll want to be mindful to keep the rings in its best condition as you can.

Here are a few simple tips to keep your rings safe, and in pristine shape.

  • Be mindful of what activities your hands will be doing. Common activities such as cleaning, cooking, and exercising, can tarnish, and potentially damage your ring. If it could damage the ring, take it off, and leave it in a safe, secure place.
  • Be consistent in securing your ring. Leave the wedding ring in the same safe place if you do remove your ring. We recommend a jewelry dish or tray at home. Get a container or jewelry bag to store it in while you’re out and about.

  • As with keeping it safe, you’ll want to keep the ring as clean as you can as well. Lotions, perfumes, and makeup might tarnish the ring and will affect the finish over time. Try to avoid letting those sordid cosmetics coming into contact with the rings. It’s also worth investing in some basic jewelry cleaner or polish to clean your ring when you’re home at the end of the day.
  • Get to know your jeweler. It’s good to have the ring or rings checked every six months or so. This is to ensure that the stone-setting is still secure. And the rings haven’t had any minor damage. Most jewelers will offer to clean the ring. If it’s not for free, it will be for a small fee.
  • With love, care, and investment in the ring or rings, get the jewelry insured. Unfortunate things can happen. Between damage, loss, or theft, make sure you’re covered for the value of the ring. You can either insure under homeowner’s policy or look up independent jewelry coverage. Speak with your agent and see what options are offered.

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If you are mindful that you are wearing the ring, the care and maintenance should be easy to follow. Keeping the wedding ring in pristine condition will preserve the shine, value, and quality, while also serving as a fond memory of your wedding ceremony. Do you have other tips and tricks on how to care for your rings? Share your thoughts and advice in the comment section. We’d love to hear from you!

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