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Top 10 Most Popular Kitchen Wedding Gifts Ideas

Top 10 Most Popular Kitchen Wedding Gifts Ideas

Weddings are beautiful — it is a celebration of the union between two people and marks the start of a fruitful married life. In the process of preparing for weddings, there are both exciting and exhausting parts that every couple has to go through. Although stressors will always be present along the process, pleasure is there to balance it out.

There are many ways to combat pre-wedding stress but Martha Stewart, founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia of Martha Stewart weddings emphasized that “No matter how much you try to avoid stressors, brides and grooms often become so focused on the details that they forget the very important ways in which they should be caring for themselves. When things get tough, take some time for yourself.” And we couldn’t agree more with that.

One of the good parts of planning your wedding, and is guaranteed to be a pre-wedding stress-reliever while still actually dealing with the planning process is listing down the things you need or want in your wedding registry. It is like going through your grocery list which is undeniably an exciting venture, but this time, it’s for you and your future home.

What is a wedding registry?

A wedding registry is simply put as a wedding wish list of the couple which can be a guide for guests what to give the couple to be married. Although wedding registries are not really a pre-wedding requirement, a lot of couples find it helpful especially when they are still starting out to build a home. Guests, on the other hand, can avoid committing to gifting the couple something that they already own. You would never want to own 5 pieces of 1 type of item that you barely use, would you?

Every couple has different needs which justify how their unique wedding registry varies from others.

There are a couple of platforms that allow you to list down your personal and unique wedding registry, then publish it online for everyone to see what to get you for a gift. Tying the knot or Mildred and Co. are great places to create and fill your wedding registry with stuff you want that are actually useful to you and would not consume a lot of space in your home.

You may have a lot going on in your mind but we are here to help you with what things you want to be included. So, we’ve narrowed down a couple of stuff for your wedding registry.

This is your ultimate guide for the most popular wedding gifts for the kitchen!

  1. Outdoor griller

Imagine having a barbecue night in the backyard of your new home. Aside from its practical because you don’t have to dine in an expensive restaurant, you also get to have fun grilling those meats out.

There are basically two types of outdoor grills: Charcoal grills and gas grills. It is self-explanatory how these grills work but the meats come out differently when cooked. Charcoal grills savoury and juicy sear while gas grills produce darker sear that’s only achieved in high heat as proven by

Amazing Ribs. However, no matter what sear you want to achieve, it takes a lot of practice to perfect a grill. So, would you like some action to practice your grill?

  1. Juicer

Juicers are an essential kitchen appliance that serves a whole variety of goodies. If you are a kitchen enthusiast, you would never limit its use in fruits alone. It works perfectly with vegetables as well like carrots, cucumber, kale, beetroot, and a lot more! Some kitchen enthusiast even uses a juicer to produce a puree that is perfect in making soup. Sure enough, it’s suitable for all fruits and vegetables.

Sarah Bond, author of a whole lot of vegetarian recipes at Live Eat Learn has a lot of soup and juice recipes you can use to experiment on your juicer; you’ll be surprised how unimaginable ingredients would make a good soup flavour, and how spices even make a good smoothie.

  1. Coffee maker

Coffee is one of the staple beverages that should exist in homes regardless of geographical location and race — it’s basic stuff.  If you are part of the population of coffee drinkers who consume 9 ounces of coffee per day, a statistics calculated by The Exotic Bean, then a coffee maker would definitely suit you. A coffee lover’s kitchen would be complete without a coffee maker. If you are a coffee enthusiast who has little knowledge on coffee but would love to become a coffee connoisseur, Medium has some basics on how to become one; it’s going to be a long learning process but you would definitely enjoy the journey.

Start your morning with brewing your favourite caffeine fixes, filling the air with smooth and strong aroma. There are several coffee makers that has a built-in grinder which is really handy for whole coffee beans. Are you ready for some brewing?

  1. Fine Chinaware

Chinaware, also known as porcelain ware is a classic and timeless piece a person could own. Because of its smooth, white, and lustrous beauty as described by Noritake, it can go as an ornament for your living room or in your cupboard, or you can use it as utensils for dining. For years, they have been producing chinaware collection of quality and of beauty.

Though a good and brand new china ware is great to own, inherited ones feel more special. Some families own porcelains that are passed down from generation to generation which has become a tradition. These wares are not just limited to dinnerware though. Tea sets are also a great variety for this one. If you fancy a good cuppa, Daily Mail UK says that the smooth surface of the china tea cup keep the natural flavours and colours of the tea.

  1. Microwave oven

Microwaves are essential in this fast-paced world. Got some left-overs? Microwave it. Got some popcorn for a movie night? Microwave it. Cold coffee left unattended for an hour? Go microwave it. Basically, everything non-metal is fine to throw in the microwave that even your hot-compress bag for your muscle pain is microwaveable.

A lot of people use a microwave oven to reduce cooking time and increase convenience. With the benefits microwave oven, it must be one of the most favoured kitchen appliances to own.

  1. Stand mixer

Stand mixers are great investment for the baking enthusiast. There are a wide variety of stand mixers and it takes a lot of consideration what type to own. It varies from bowl size, rotation speed, body size and a whole lot more. The Hummingbird Bakery took some time to specifically enumerate the things you need to consider when getting your own stand mixer.

Albeit the technicalities of a stand mixer, the main goal of owning one is to make your baking adventures more convenient. The most popular among all the stand mixers is by Kitchen Aid which manufactured stand mixers since 1919; quality and durability proven by time.

  1. Cook set

The most basic among the list, a cook set is also one of the most useful you can put in your wedding registry. Since food is one of the top physiologic needs of a human being, meals are done a couple of times a day. A standard cook set is usually composed of pots, different types of pans, steamer, coriander, and a lot more that varies according to the brand.

Cook sets come in stainless steel or glass wares. Pyrex which is known to have timeless kitchen stuff, while Corelle by Corningware is living up to its name of classic style while being reliable.

  1. Waffle maker

Waffles look comforting and most of the time tastes like home because homemade waffles are the best. Do you remember your mom cooking you a heartfelt waffle drizzled with maple syrup for breakfast? The Stay At Home Chef got some great waffle recipe you can try and maybe make a tradition for your future family, like Waffle Wednesdays, yes?

Belgium’s famous culinary specialty has circulated around the world because of its taste and appearance which gets an A+ grade among all age groups. Throughout the years, a lot of brands manufacture waffle patterns that attract kids like a Mickey Mouse head. But the classic honeycomb pattern remains an all-time favourite.

  1. Air fryer

Air fryer is the future of fried foods without actually drowning it in oil, which means a healthier selection of food. The versatility of air fryers allow it to cater all types of food group, for example grains, fruits, vegetables, and meat. If you have something in mind that you think would suit the use of an air fryer, then why not give it a try? You’ll never know if it’s good unless you try it!

If someone pledges an air fryer off of your wedding registry, Live Eat Learn has some great vegetarian air fryer recipes that you could try. But, if you’d love to try some meat in it, Let the Baking Begin has some step by step process on how to make some good old steak off of your air fryer.

  1. Kitchen makeover

This may be a little bit over the top but betting your chances on this one can be rewarding. Who knows, you have a generous guest who would pledge to grant you with a kitchen renovation. However, this wedding registry suggestion is only applicable to couples who already owns a home or is already living together.

Shows like HGTV is a great channel to inspire you with kitchen makeovers that range from small to spacious kitchens, contemporary to medieval themes, monochromatic to colourful palettes. The possibilities are endless.

The wedding registry timeline

You might have come up with the question about when exactly should your wedding registry be available for your guests to view? 7 to 9 months before your wedding is a good time frame according to Erin Celleti of Brides. She said that “In terms of general etiquette guidelines, most professionals agree that within the 7-9 month range before your wedding date is the ideal time to register…” But if you are having the wedding in the next 6 months, Martha Stewart suggests finalising your registry 4 to 6 months before the date.

With this time frame, considering you have a long engagement, your wedding registry will be ready before all the gatherings for your wedding like bridal showers, bachelor’s party, rehearsal dinners, among the few. Your guests will also have an ample amount of time to go over the list and think about what they can commit in it. A win-win situation, but mostly, it’s your win because you’re getting married, you’re getting gifts, and you can celebrate that special day with the significant people in your life!

The goal of your unique wedding registry

The goal of wedding registries is not to own many expensive things you want but rather, to own the things you will need in your activities of daily living. Although contemporary couples find it practical to refrain from wedding registries and opt with a wedding fund as a gift, a lot of traditional couples still love the idea of creating a unique wedding registry.

Wedding registries need to be well-thought-of and must be done when you are not elated with the idea of listing what you want. Taking your wedding registry seriously will allow your guests to take your list with enthusiasm.

Post-wedding stuff

After the wedding, you are left with a strenuous but really important job: To send out thank you notes, immediately at that. If you are not able to send it right away, a 2-week time allowance is acceptable. However, if you still have a lot of stuff to do after the wedding, sending it as early as possible is acceptable too don’t make it wait until 3 months from your wedding, it’s impolite and leaves an ungrateful remark. Anyway, the purpose of sending out thank you notes it to express your gratitude with their presence and their generosity.

There you go with the top 10 most popular wedding gifts for the kitchen. Did you have something in mind that appears on the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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