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Top Wedding Planning Tools That Are FREE

Top Wedding Planning Tools That Are FREE

Wedding planning can be very demanding and taxing. As a bride, it is easy to get stressed and get way out of your budget because of the many things you need to do and manage. Good thing, there are many wedding planning tools that are readily available online. However, because of its nature and variety, keep in mind that it can also be overwhelming to choose which one best suits your needs.

Here, we have created a list of wedding planning tools that can help you and act as a wedding planner on-the-go for you. Make sure to browse each wedding planning tool to know and see what it can do and how it can make your wedding planning journey smoothly and hassle-free.


Facebook Groups

If you have no clue where to begin, this tool is your friend. Search for a wedding-related Facebook group in your area and you can see brides-to-be and former brides sharing tips, ideas, suggestions, and vendors to one another. Facebook groups can also act as a virtual support group because all of you are going through the same situation or have been in the same situation. Who else would bring each other up but us women?

Wedding vendors usually join these Facebook groups too. If you’re lucky, you might score great discounts and even expert advice from these experienced wedding vendors.

Check My Kiwi Wedding Facebook Group out, where you can interact not only with brides and former brides but also with the best wedding vendors in New Zealand.


Facebook Recommendations


Like Facebook groups, Facebook Recommendations can help you trim down and make a shortlist of wedding vendors per category based on real brides’ recommendations. This will help you save time and effort setting time to meet various vendors to come up with a decision. By checking Facebook recommendations, you will know more or less the style, performance, and attitude of a prospect vendor.



Looking for something wedding related? Of course, you can Google it! Google has made wedding planning a little easy in terms of searching for vendors from certain areas. You can even Google running promos, discounts and even giveaways to score for your wedding.

However, be mindful that not everything you search and read in Google is true and verified. Make sure to double check if the information you get from Google is correct and legit. This way, you’ll avoid meeting fraudulent vendors or service and product providers online.


Google Drive

One of the easiest ways to keep your vendors up-to-date and well informed about the changes you have made is by using Google Drive. You can share excel spreadsheet containing the checklist you have for your vendors. You can also share photos and video that contains your wedding pegs so your wedding vendors have the idea of what you are aiming for. Moreover, this is a great wedding planning tool for keeping vendor contracts as well. This way, you and your wedding vendor always have a copy of what you have agreed upon signing the contract.

Just make sure though that the folder you’ll create are secured and no other individual can access unless authorized to view or edit these documents.




Yes, one of the most used and utilized social media app right now can also be a great wedding planning tool in terms of getting awesome wedding inspiration. Use hashtags like #mykiwiwedding , #nzwedding , #wedding and many other wedding related hashtags to get thousands, if not millions of wedding-related inspiration from all over the world. With its new feature, you can now save photos and organize them into a collection so you can always go back to your selected images.

You can also use Instagram to check out a wedding vendor’s services and products. You can see whether their style works best for the theme you are aiming for. Just a little reminder though, make sure to know the difference of a styled shoot to a real wedding. A styled shoot is collaborated with different wedding vendors to come up with a certain wedding style for a magazine cover, often not convenient for real weddings.



Just like Instagram, you can find millions of wedding inspiration just by creating an account on Pinterest. What you’ll love about Pinterest is that images are curated according to categories making it easier to find wedding related images you’re looking for.

You can also create your own board to organize the images you like for your wedding. What’s best is that, if your wedding vendor has a Pinterest account, you can share this board with them so they can check it and have a copy of the ideas you have in mind.



This wedding planning tool works best to those who love creating to-do lists and needs to update it every once in a while, as the same time, updating everyone that works for the wedding planning as well. Trello is an organizing app that lets you work with different people in one project. If you want real-time update of what has been done and what’s on progress, check out this free app. What’s great about this is you can use this on both your laptop and smartphone.


My Kiwi Wedding Directory Listing

Don’t know where to start looking for wedding vendors? Try our well-curated wedding directory listing. We organized our listing by category and location to make it easier for you to find and shortlist wedding vendors according to your preferences. On the wedding vendor’s MKW profile, you will see a glimpse of their service or products and their business information to give you an idea of what they can offer in one look.


MKW Free Wedding Tools and Printables

My Kiwi Wedding is giving our Kiwi brides awesome free tools and printables to jumpstart their wedding planning journey. You can find a budget tool that will help you track your wedding budget and avoid going over and beyond your allocated wedding budget. We also have a seating arrangement tool to help you plan and designate seating arrangement for your wedding guests.

Lastly, My Kiwi Wedding provides our Kiwi brides with a free wedding planning checklist to help them complete the journey. This 12-month wedding planning checklist acts as a wedding planner on-the-move that will remind you of what ideally you need to do at a specific timeline and what needs to be done after each task. That way, you’ll not miss an important detail of your wedding as you move along with the wedding planning.


With these amazing and free wedding planning tools, you’ll have an idea where you can start and how you can organize your wedding documents, images and information in a way close to your way of organizing things. What’s awesome about this is that everything listed above is free! You don’t need to spend a single centavo to plan and accomplish your wedding plans. So go ahead and check out everything on this list to see which one works best for you and your wedding planning style.

Do you know any free wedding planning tools that are not mentioned above? Share your suggestions and thoughts on the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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