Which Type of Wedding Venue is Best for Your Wedding


Planning to have an exclusive function with a small group of family and friends or an intimate ceremony with a picturesque backdrop? Finding the perfect wedding venue for your big day is one of the most important elements you have to prioritize. It can be challenging. But knowing what you need, how much you are willing to spend, the size of your guests and your wedding theme can direct you to the right direction.

Here, we have put together a list of the most popular wedding venue types that can help you choose which venue fits best.


Garden Wedding Venues

This type of wedding venue highlights the beautiful outdoor setting. This works best for couples who love a good weather and natural lighting. Because of the variety of ideas you pull in a garden wedding, it can be lavish or prudent. That’s why most brides choose to have their wedding on a garden setup.


Barn Wedding Venues 

This type of wedding venue is perfect for brides who want a rustic themed wedding. It is usually set out in rural areas with amazing views and a more laid-back feel. Brides can choose from an old family barn to fully-restored barn or a modernized barn equipped with built-in bars, chandeliers, restrooms to cater to a big number of guests.



Estate Wedding Venues

This type of wedding venue is geared towards luxury and grandeur. If you are the type of bride who loves antiques and vintage décor, booking an estate venue is right for you. With gorgeous gardens, green lawns as far as your eyes can see, and picturesque views, no wonder why brides dreamt of saying their ‘I Dos’ in an estate wedding venue.



Backyard Wedding Venues

This type of wedding venue is probably the simplest of them all. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be as beautiful as any of the other types of wedding venue. If you’re the type of bride who loves laid-back, a more intimate celebration with your closest family and friends, a backyard wedding fits your wedding ideas perfectly. It’s like opening your home to your wedding guests and let them be part of your lives. Plus, you get to prepare for your big day at the comfort of your own bedroom. How precious can that be?



Church Wedding Venues

This type of wedding venue caters to couples who want a solemn and more traditional wedding. In addition, it has more religious rites than civil content. So keep in mind that you have to strictly follow a ceremony rite.



Hotel Wedding Venues

This type of wedding venue is excellent for glamorous brides who love floor-to-ceiling grandeur and luxury, exquisite in-house catering, and impeccable service. Whether you choose to have your wedding in a ballroom or in other facilities a hotel can offer, hotels can be a great venue for perfect backdrops, a convenient accommodation choice for your guests, easy access to rentals and within reach experts.


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