Up&Up Drone Photography

At Up&Up we consult, capture and create beautiful wedding photos and videos using drones.

Drone wedding photography captures moments and memories in a way traditional photography cannot. It sets the scene, showing off your dream venue and destination to its full potential, delivering photographs destined for pride of place of your wall, rather than on a hard drive or in your bottom drawer.

Drone wedding photography works particularly well at destination weddings and venues, but can also suit more intimate or personal events. We’ll work with your existing wedding photographer or wedding planner to establish key shots and coordinate with them to provide a smooth and hassle-free experience. We also shoot videos from our drones and can work with your existing videographer, in the same way, to ensure your wedding is captured from all angles.

Typically we are on site for roughly 2-3 hours, going with the bridal party for formal photos between ceremony and reception, making it an affordable must-have. Drone wedding photography is getting more and more popular so take advantage of an experienced and CAA qualified operator by getting in touch with Chris today.

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Auckland, New Zealand