Wedding Tips You Don’t Often Get From Bridal Websites & Magazines


With so many wedding tips and pieces of advice you read online, you may think that you have your wedding all covered. However, a lot of brides get surprises on their wedding day, and boy they are not the good kind of surprise. So we have gathered a number of wedding tips from real brides that you don’t often get from wedding websites and bridal magazines.



People often tell couples to take some time together during the wedding day. But it is also important to make some time just for yourself as well.

Remember that a wedding is a whole day event. There will always be someone in the room, always someone with questions, a nonstop throng of well-wishers, plus those who are ready with a camera. It can really be draining and overwhelming at the same time. So it is important to take some time by yourself. Have a glass of wine, have time to collect your thoughts, have a moment to see yourself for the first time in front of a mirror as a bride. Believe us, having those precious moments to yourself will energize you to last for the rest of the day.


It is common that you list things to pack, especially for destination weddings. But you should also make a list of things to bring with you back.

You’ll only notice those things you forgot to bring back until you’re back from your honeymoon. So most likely, your wedding venue or hotel during the wedding might have unintentionally thrown them away. So to avoid regretting missing an important part of your wedding is to make a list of the things you need back from the wedding venue.

You can delegate either your wedding planner or one of your bridesmaids to make sure you got everything that you need. Don’t forget to give a copy of this list to your venue coordinator. Because if something is left behind, your venue coordinator will know to hang onto it for you or can make other arrangements for delivery.



Let your celebrant and other key speakers everything they need to know about your wedding guests.

This may not sound very important because you trust these people to do their job very well. But trust us when we say, this may end up pretty awkward between the speaker and the wedding guests.

This works best when you want your wedding guests to participate in the wedding ceremony. Let your celebrant know how you want the ceremony would be and how you want the guests to have an active participation in it. You’ll be happy with the result.

Also, if you feel something ‘suspicious’ about your mom or dad speech that may include religious traditions such as breaking of the glass and the likes, it is a sensible idea to let them know that majority of the wedding guests are not familiar with this tradition. And if they want this part of their speech to work, they may need to them the guests in advance by letting them know a brief description of this particular tradition.


During your ‘Thank You Speech’, remember to thank your vendors publicly.

The greatest gift you can give your wedding vendors is to commend them for a job well done in front of your wedding guests and a handwritten, detailed description thank you note that your vendor can use as a testimonial to share with other brides-to-be, whether on a brochure or on their company website.

You can also find a public site where you can rate them and create a detailed description of how they were fantastic in creating your dream wedding.


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Don’t write ‘Thank You Letters’ in advance.

Yes, most bridal magazine or wedding websites tell you to do this to make sure you don’t miss anyone or you don’t forget to send one. Indeed it can help lighten the work but there is nothing more genuine than really making an effort to say thank you to those who have been part of the wedding, to those who have helped you make it possible and to those who have flown a thousand miles just to be there to celebrate that day, rather than just sending them a generic thank you letter. Believe us, they will truly appreciate this kind gesture.


Do you have tips, suggestion, and stories to share about things often not tackled as wedding tips? Share your thoughts and stories in the comment section below. We’d love to hear about it!

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