Wedding Traditions: Keep It or Toss It?


A wedding is one moment in your life you want to last forever. That’s why as much as possible, you, as a bride, want to make these moments unforgettable with wedding traditions. But because the wedding day just passes – no, races by, it is essential to involve yourself in every detail of your wedding day. This way you can take part and say at the end of the day that, “This is our wedding.”

With that in mind, it is perfectly fine to shake things a little bit with your wedding, including its traditions and rules. After all, this is no one’s wedding but yours and uniquely yours only.

However, wedding traditions, whether we admit it or not, makes every event timeless, just like the iconic garter toss, cake cutting, and the first dance. So when is the best time to go the traditional route and when is the best time to update or put a twist?


The First Look

While some think that first look eliminates the element of surprise of the bride walking down the aisle, doing this prior to that gives a more intimate setup as the groom and the bride can spend quality time privately before the wedding happens. Anyhow, seeing your future husband or wife is going to be as precious and as emotional regardless of when and how it happens, especially when the bride starts walking down the aisle.



Cake Cutting

Did you know that the traditional cake cutting is done privately? Many years ago, bride and groom usually do the cake cutting by themselves, out in the wedding guests’ eyes. But in the recent years, cake cutting has been done during the wedding reception and has been the wedding tradition ever since.

So how can you update this wedding tradition? Why not bring back this tradition to its origin? Yes, have a private cake cutting! Not only it will make this tradition more intimate, it is as sweet as your wedding cake to get some alone time together after sharing this special day with family and friends.



Song Choice – The First Dance

More and more weddings are choosing iconic ballads such as “At Last”, “A Thousand Years” or “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong in choosing these romantic songs for your first dance. However, is this something you and your beau can relate to? Why not pick a song that you both love, a song that reminds you and your beau the beautiful or the funniest moments of your togetherness? Now that’s something more personal and something you wouldn’t forget.


The Bouquet and Garter Toss

One of the highlights and the much-awaited in a wedding ceremony is the bouquet and garter toss. Some weddings have put a twist in it, but whether luck-related is true or not when you catch one, this is something that adds more unforgettable moments in your big day.



The Reception Dress

Before, brides wear their wedding gown until the end of the reception. However, in the recent years, brides opt to change to a lighter and shorter dress to easily go around and greet wedding guests, not to mention, dance the night away comfortably.


The Sweet Buffet

Nowadays, wedding guests can now enjoy a sweeter reception. Thanks to couples who opted to have a dessert bar or buffet. Guests can now enjoy a sweeter alternative and can even take these goodies home.


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Whether you choose to stick with the wedding traditions or make it more personalized, the most important thing is to make your wedding your own. To top it all, made your wedding guests had as many fun memories as you do.

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