What You Need To Know About Bridal Hair and Makeup Trials


Ladies, we all know that bad hair days and a smudged makeup can happen anytime. With a quick dash to the powder room and some quick fix, you are ready to face everyone again. But this isn’t always the case. This shouldn’t happen on one of the biggest, most memorable day of your life – your wedding day. That’s why it is essential and crucial to have a bridal hair and makeup trials before your big day. This is to avoid hassles like a caked makeup and rowdy hair.

Why do I need a trial bridal hair and makeup when I am hiring the best hair and makeup stylist in town? What happens before, during and after a trial appointment? Here, we have gathered vital information about bridal hair and makeup trial that every bride should know of.


Why is it important?

While at first, you may think that this is not important, think again. There are a number of reasons why more and more brides are choosing to have a bridal hair and makeup trial sessions.

  • To know what ‘look’ looks best – The moment you got engaged, you start dreaming and imagining how you would look as a bride. Different makeup, updo, and hairstyles come into mind and you have no idea what looks best on you. Talk to your stylist about it. Bring photos of looks you like. Having a trial session will let you see how your chosen look really looks on you. There are cases where it doesn’t work well with your face shape and skin tone. The stylist can try different options until you both find that look that makes you flawless on your big day.
  • Set a specific timeframe on your wedding day – Having a trial session gives your hair and makeup artist an idea on how much time they’ll need to complete and achieve the look. This way they can assess what time they should start so there’ll be ample time for pre-wedding photo sessions.
  • To avoid allergic reactions to certain products – There are certain products and ingredients we didn’t know we’re allergic to until we’ve tried it for the first time. And this makes trial sessions important because we don’t want this to happen on the wedding day itself.
  • To get to know your stylist better – Yes, many brides may rave about the stylist. But this doesn’t mean if he or she is right for you. A trial session will give you the opportunity to get an up-close interaction on how well they interact with their clients. You’ll also know the products they use, how skilled they are and much more.



Before bridal hair and makeup trials

There are a number of things you need to accomplish to make sure your trial sessions are a success and will go as planned.

  • Know what you want. Look for inspirations. – This means, before setting an appointment with your potential hair and makeup stylist, you have to know how you want to look on your wedding day. This will help your stylist understand what you want to achieve on your big day.
  • Schedule your appointment smartly. – This means that you know that appointments like this take longer than your average salon appointments. So make sure you did not schedule another appointment in the next two hours or so. To be sure of the timeframe, ask your stylist about it.
  • Bring a photo of your wedding dress if you haven’t bought your wedding dress yet, then hold it right there. Scheduling a bridal hair and makeup trial has no point when you don’t know exactly what you’re wearing on your wedding day. Take note that your wedding dress will dramatically affect the style of your hair and makeup. Imagine a boho-inspired dress with a ballerina bun updo – that doesn’t really look good together.



How to prepare for a bridal hair and makeup trials

On the day of your bridal hair and makeup trial, there are some things you need to know before seating down on that salon chair for hours. This will help you and your stylist work flawlessly.

  • Cleansing your face. – Always make sure that you have a clean face before your trial session. Do your typical skin care routine before your appointment because a clean face will hold the makeup better. As for your hair, it is advisable to wash your hair the night before and not to put any hair product that might leave your hair too oily. Keep your hair as natural as possible.
  • Choosing the right outfit. – Wear an outfit that is similar to the neckline of your wedding dress. This will help you and your stylist can have a better picture of your wedding day look.
  • Things to bring – Take note of these items that you need to bring during your bridal hair and makeup trials. These are:
    • Wedding look inspiration photos – This will guide your stylist of what you have in mind.
    • Wedding accessories – This includes your veil or other headpieces that come with your wedding dress, and the jewelry you plan to wear like necklaces and earrings. These pieces are important to know which works best with your overall bridal look.
    • A camera – This can be anything from a digital camera to your smartphone. Snapping a photo of yourself with your bridal look will give you a glimpse of how you would look like on photos on your wedding day. Don’t forget to try different lighting to see how you would look in a different setting.
    • One from your bridal party – This person will help you decide which look suits you the best. And what’s better than to have your best girl pal support you and encourage you in this important part of your wedding planning journey.
    • Your wallet – While some wedding hair and makeup packages include a free trial session, you will only have it if you already booked them. If you are still looking around and finding the right hair and makeup stylist for your wedding, it is best to set aside some cash to cover this.



During the bridal hair and makeup trials

Let them pamper you. Relax and enjoy the hair and makeup trial session. Don’t forget to speak up when you don’t like something. Let the stylist know what’s in your mind should you have any suggestion or points you’d like to raise as you progress.


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After the bridal hair and makeup trials

Check how the hair and makeup are holding up. Has your lipstick disappeared after a few hours? Is your hair still where it supposed to be? Pay attention to these details because this is exactly how long your makeup will last on your big day. Let your stylist know whether to add more hairspray or agree to set a time for touch-ups on your wedding day.

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