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What You Need to Know About Bridal Hair and Makeup

What You Need to Know About Bridal Hair and Makeup

Your wedding day is your time to shine. Of course, all brides want to look and feel more beautiful than they already are. That’s why it is important to hire a hair and makeup artist that knows how to take care of their brides and bring out the best of you.

We had an insightful conversation with Bridal Beauty Expert head artist Jodie Elizabeth of Rouge Beauty NZ. With her extensive experience reigning over ten years, she answers some of the leading questions in the wedding industry focusing within bridal makeup and hair.

What to look for when searching for a hair and makeup artist?

Your Chosen Artist

When searching for your bridal beauty expert, brides should take in account personal recommendations as these people have seen their work first hand. You can’t beat word and mouth advertising! You can check their credentials by looking through an artist’s portfolio you will be able to gain a good in-site of the individual’s work. This will help you decide if their work matches your unique wedding style. Most artists are happy to travel, taking in account travel fees will occur. After requesting their price list and working it into your budget, I suggest when you find your dream artist do not hesitate to book your trial as they will be sure to be on hot demand during peak wedding season!

Should I book a Hair and Makeup trial?

Your Trial

As an artist, I believe that it’s a good idea to have a trial prior to booking and paying a deposit to your makeup and hair stylist. This is a chance where the client can meet the artist in person and discuss all hopes and dreams or concerns you may have regarding your hair and makeup. This saves a lot of time on your wedding day as you are both on the same page and already know what look you are achieving, with the desired outcome. Sometimes brides have their heart set on a specific style that looks gorgeous in magazines but it may not suit them as it all depends on the bride’s hair type, face shape, skin tone, or eye colour. To avoid disappointment, I highly recommend booking a trial.

Lash extensions vs false lashes? 

Your Lashes:

Personally, I love lashes! When done correctly, they open up your eyes and add a touch of glamour to your makeup. It’s true that the eyes are the window to a person’s soul. Use lashes to add dimension rather than bulking up mascara. An extra bonus is that lashes are absolutely guaranteed waterproof no running or smudging! (Perfect for the teary bride!). Encouraging your client to book into getting lash extensions a few months prior to her wedding from a qualified lash technician is a great way to test that she likes the extensions. If the bride is happy with her extensions, it’s best to get a fresh set applied four days prior to her wedding day. It’s also a great way to achieve their desired look and saving time on makeup application the day of the wedding. Or if extensions aren’t for you, having your chosen artist apply individual lashes, with professional glue is another beautiful option as individual lashes give the artist control of how natural or how glamorous the bride wishes to look.

Should I sunblock my face before makeup application?

Your SPF Makeup:

Prepare to have a clean face with your daily moisturizer applied unless discussed otherwise on your trial. Most artists do prep and prime your skin to ensure a smooth base. If you prefer to use your own skin care moisturizer that should be absolutely fine. But please ensure that your moisturizer has no more than an SPF of 15. As any more than SPF15 can make your skin too oily for makeup application. Remember you can always discuss these options with your chosen artist, and together choose your pre-wedding skin care regime correct foundation from there pro kit.

Should I have freshly washed wet hair for my stylist?

Your Hair: 

Stylists prefer your hair to be washed and dried the night before your wedding day. Unless discussed otherwise on your trial. It is best to avoid any greasy roots, this will make it harder to style and allow your curl (if required) to last the day.

If in doubt – Please wash and dry your hair the morning of your wedding. Most bridal stylists prefer to work with DRY HAIR unless you are booked for a blow-wave.

Having the sense of security of not having a bad hair day or a smudged makeup on your wedding day is everything! That’s why we are thankful for Jodie Elizabeth of Rouge Beauty NZ for sharing these important tips for your bridal hair & makeup. Check out her creations to know more about her work.

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